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      Braked and unbraked hand winches for the Trailer

      Lifting and moving heavy and large objects on your Trailer can be a tough undertaking. A Hand winch can take that heavy load off your hands. Here you will find braked and unbraked hand winches with hardened gears from different brands. Show more



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      Mounting set M10x30 mm

      Mounting set M10x30 mm

      For Jockey wheels/hand winches
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      Want to buy a Hand winch for your trailer?

      Are you planning to winch heavy objects such as a car onto your Trailer? Or to move other heavy loads? A hand winch is an ideal tool for moving a heavy load. In our product range, you will find Hand winches that can handle different load capacities. We also sell hand winches of well-known brands such as AL-KO, AWD, Fulton, Goliath, Knott and Novio. Do you have questions about our range of Hand winches Trailer? Or are you not quite sure which Hand winch is suitable for your purposes? Then please contact our customer service. We are happy to help you choose the right hand winch.

      What types of winches are there?

      Basically, there are two important differences. Namely electric winches and the so-called hand winches. Two types of hand winches are available in the range of trailerdirect. Namely the braked hand winch and the unbraked hand winch. Hand winches are best used when you plan to move or load a reasonably heavy load on your trailer. By manually controlling the hand winch's crank, power is transferred to the winch, which can therefore deliver much more power.

      What are the differences and advantages between a braked hand winch and an unbraked hand winch?

      As the name suggests, the braked hand winch has counter-pressure which ensures that the object to be hoisted does not uncontrollably unwind when the crank is released. This makes this hand winch very safe and ensures nice ease of use. Braked hand winches are very practical when towing a car on a Trailer, for example. They are often used on trucks when the vehicle to be transported cannot drive independently. The unbraked hand winch must be locked with a lock to prevent unwanted uncoiling. Of course, you can easily lock an unbraked hand winch so that it remains in the correct position.

      Advantages of an uninhibited hand winch

      • Often limited capacity (up to max. 1000 kg)
      • Cheap
      • Ideal for small lightweight objects (rubber boats)

      Advantages of a braked hand winch

      • Safe to use due to counter pressure when releasing the crank
      • Ideal for lifting heavy objects (cars)
      • Use of a steel cable instead of a belt is recommended

      We have listed the technical specifications of all our hand winches. These include the load-bearing capacity of the winch, but also the attachment options. This way, you immediately know which hand winch is most suitable for you. Did you know, for example, that a hand winch with steel cable is the most common hand winch? They use steel cables and are capable of pulling really heavy vehicles or objects. If you choose this hand winch, you would do well to always keep a close eye on the capacity of the drum. This way, you avoid a lot of trouble.

      Hand winch with Trailer wheel

      Hand winches with a belt are very handy for pulling small machines and vehicles. Think for example of motorbikes, boats, quads or go-karts. The band fills the entire drum surface, making them comfortable to pull. A banded hand winch can offer the same maximum horizontal pulling force as a cable winch. In addition, the winches rub a lot less during intensive use due to their specially woven construction.

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