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      Do you own an auto ambulance, trailer or a drive-up truck? Then an electric winch is actually indispensable. Buying an electric winch offers you a lot of comfort and has a lot of pulling power. Before you decide to buy an electric winch, it is advisable to look carefully at the required power, in other words, the weight the winch can and may pull. For added convenience, operate an electric winch with a remote control. In our range, we have a 900 kg electric winch including a wired remote control. Would you rather not have a cable? Then use a wireless remote control to operate your electric winch from a safe distance.

      For extra convenience, operate an electric winch with a wireless remote control

      How does an electric winch work?

      A winch consists of a drum with a steel cable wound around it. Winches can be operated manually, of course, but also with an electric motor or hydraulic motor. For example, there is a 230 V electric winch, but also 220 V or 400 V. The hydraulic motor converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. By activating such a winch electrically, mechanically or manually, the steel cable is wound around the drum and thus moves your trailer, boat trailer, car and other parts.

      What to watch out for when using a (electric) winch

      When using winches, safety always comes first. Avoid unnecessary risks and accidents by using the following safety advice:

      • Make sure you always have 5 to 8 windings on the drum
      • Regularly observe how the cable rolls up and prevent the cable from jamming on the drum
      • Make sure that bystanders are always at a safe distance and out of reach of the winch cable
      • Make sure you have good work gloves, in case of any damage a winch cable can cause cuts

      Electric winch boat trailer

      Are you looking for an electric winch boat trailer? Then consider an electric winch 12v boat trailer. The 1589 kg electric Superwinch A3500 is very suitable for this. In addition, this electric winch 230v comes with a roller guide, flat mounting bracket, winch cable with hook and handy remote control and much more. Do you have doubts whether a particular winch can handle the towing capacity? Then we always recommend choosing the heaviest version.

      Electric winch accessories

      In addition to electric winches, we also sell the necessary accessories. Have you lost your remote control, for example? Then you can easily order a new one here. We have both a wired remote control and a universal bluetooth remote control. You can also use these for a tipper truck. We also sell 12v relays that you can use in combination with electric winches and remote controls. Are you looking for a connection cable/adapter cable specifically for a Hapert tipper truck? Then an Icarus blue connection cable AMP for HAPERT tippers is ideal. Do you have questions about electric winch 12v boat and accessories? Or are you not sure whether a particular winch has enough power to winch your part? Then feel free to contact our customer service team. We will be happy to provide you with advice without obligation.

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