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      Winches, chain hoists and Ramps

      Here you will find our wide range of Hand winches, electric winches, Ramps and chain hoists - because we buy in bulk ourselves, we can supply high-quality products at competitive prices Show more



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      Winch support 600 mm for boat trailer
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      Mounting set M10x30 mm

      Mounting set M10x30 mm

      For Jockey wheels/hand winches
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      Hand hoist with 20-metre nylon rope
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      Wireless control power pack
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      Relay 12V
      In stock
      € 39,95
      € 27,95
      Wireless remote control winch 12V
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      Winches & Ramps

      Here you will find all the handy tools to load your load safely and easily. Is your winch due for replacement, for example? Or do you want an electric winch instead of a hand winch? We have a wide range of hand winches, electric winches, ramps and chain hoists - because we buy in bulk ourselves, we can supply high-quality products at competitive prices. You will also find a category with the necessary winch accessories such as winch cables, steel cables, (Lashing) straps, remote controls and much more. Do you have any questions about our range of winches, ramps or winch parts? Then feel free to contact our customer service team.

      Hand winch and electric winch

      Hand winches or electric winches are ideal for moving heavy loads. For example, you can easily winch a car onto your Trailer. In our range, you will find two different trailer winches. There are two main differences between these winches. You have motor-driven winches, also known as electric winches, and so-called hand winches. Hand winches again come in braked and unbraked. You can use a hand winch to lift heavy loads. By means of the crank, you can operate the winch manually and power is transferred to the winch, which can therefore deliver a lot of force. If you plan to pull really heavy loads, it is best to opt for an electric winch. When buying an electric winch, you do well to consider how much power you need. For added convenience, operate these winches with a remote control.

      Winch parts and accessories

      Winches do not come with a cable as standard. And what is a winch without a cable? Fortunately, you will also find various single cables for the winches here. Always look carefully at the load-bearing capacity of such a cable. After all, you don't want the cable to snap due to overloading, resulting in damage to your load or, even worse, someone getting hurt. You also have steel cables in different thicknesses and lengths. The thicker the cable, the higher the load-bearing capacity. Besides steel cables, you will also find various winch belts, with or without hooks and eyes. For AL-KO winches, we also have the matching AL-KO winch belts. Finally, we also have handy relays and connecting cables which can be clamped with a clamping sleeve, for example.

      Chain hoists and accessories

      Besides winches and cables, we also supply hoists with various capacities. These are of course super handy when you use a winch, but also have chain hoists. Our range includes ordinary chain hoists, but also electric chain hoists. It is often easy to order a hoisting belt with the chain hoist under 'related products'. There are various options as regards the maximum force which the chain hoist can lift. These range from chain hoists with a maximum load of 50/100 kg to 500/1000 kg. There are always two weights described, because you can also double the cable. If you use it twice, you also double the lifting capacity. The low number indicates the lifting capacity of a single operation of the cable. The higher number indicates the maximum force for a double operation. When using an electric chain hoist, these capabilities remain the same.


      Need new ramps for your Trailer? Ramps are ideal for loading trailers with different vehicles. We have a nice selection of different Ramps. It is important when picking out ramps that you pay attention to load capacity, mounting, spring and width. Always keep some margin from the load capacity too, so you can be sure you won't fall through the ramps. You can choose from steel or aluminium ramps, or straight and curved ramps. A curved ramp, for example, is very handy for vehicles that are low to the ground.

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