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      8-inch Trailer wheels - tyre mounted on rims

      Complete 8-inch trailer wheel assemblies - Ready for mounting. Various pitch sizes and dimensions available directly from stock. Affordable online ordering. Show more


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      8 Inch Trailer wheels

      The 8 inch trailer wheels are widely used on folding trailers and boat trailers. The 8 inch wheels are the smallest wheels we sell complete for trailers. Trailer tyres 8 inch are supplied complete with rims. The biggest advantage of buying a complete is wheel is that you can easily replace it yourself (assuming you have a spanner). By replacing the wheel yourself, you don't need to hire a mechanic. In most cases, the cost of a complete wheel far outweighs these replacement costs.

      Which 8-inch trailer wheels do I need?

      Because the 8-inch wheels are often used on smaller trailers or boat trailers and often do not cover long distances, they do not wear much. Bigger problems are then dry cracks that can cause a blowout. This is often the result of little use and long-term storage. So always pay attention to this when replacing the wheel. When you want to replace the wheel, it is important to know the connection size of the Rim.

      Customers often ask us which wheel they need. We have therefore made an instruction video especially for 8-inch wheels. You can watch it below. If you still can't figure it out. Please contactour Customer Service.

      Our range of 8 inch wheels

      We offer a wide range of 8 inch trailer wheels. They are produced in a number of different versions. You can come to us for durable high quality wheels for professional use.

      Our brands

      • Vredestein
      • Deli Tyre
      • Kenda

      Pitch sizes of 8 inch Trailer wheels

      The pitch size is the dimension of the fixing holes in relation to each other. Is the distance of the opposite 4 holes 10 cm? Then it is an "Opel pitch "4x100. Many French trailer tents have a pitch of 4x115 and are called the "French pitch". We have listed the most common pitch sizes in the table below:


      Pitch size

      Hub diameter

      • Vauxhall pitch


      57 mm

      • French pitch


      85 mm

      • Rim with grease nipple cut-out


      67 mm

      • Mercedes pitch


      67 mm

      • Unique pitch


      94 mm

      6PR or 4PR?

      PR (formerly PLY) is the number of layers of rubber used to produce the tyre, the higher the PR value the stronger the tyre. The 8-inch trailer wheels come in a 4PR or 6PR variant. The 4PR variant has a load capacity of 265 kg and the 6PR 335 kg. Both variants are available from different brands.

      Which 8-inch wheels do I need instruction video

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