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      15-inch Trailer wheels - tyre mounted on rims

      Complete 15-inch Trailer wheel assemblies - various sizes, connection sizes/pitch sizes and brands - 4x100/4x115/4x101,6/5x112/5x140 Show more


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      Complete 15-inch trailer wheels

      The complete 15-inch trailer wheel assemblies are under almost every Humbaur closed Tandem axle trailer in our range. Wheels complete are easier to fit yourself (assuming you have a spanner), than single tires or rims. This saves costs for a mechanic, which brings the price of a complete wheel much closer to the price of a single rim or tyre and cost of replacement. To get the right tyre, all you need to measure yourself is the pitch or hub diameter.


      Which 15-inch tyres do I need?

      Our range of 15-inch tyres consists of the brands Kargotrail and AWD. The load capacities of these 15-inch tyres are between 670 kg and 900 kg. To get the right 15-inch tyre, you need to measure the pitch, as this cannot be found on the tyre itself. Measuring with 4 bolts is simply from bolt to bolt and then the centre-to-centre distance, but with 5 bolt holes it is measured diagonally from one bolt. So pay attention to how many bolts your wheels have in order to measure the right size!


      Steck size 15-inch complete wheel


      Pitch size

      Hub diameter

      Vauxhall centre4x10057 mm
      French pitch4x11585 mm
      Rim with grease nipple cut-out4x101,667 mm
      Mercedes pitch5x11267 mm
       5x14094 mm

      4PR, 6PR or 8PR?

      The PR value (formerly PLY) is the number of layers of rubber used to produce the tyre, the higher this PR is the stronger the tyre is. So 6PR means that six layers of rubber have been used to produce the tyre. Any questions about the PR value of a tyre or a general question about the complete 15-inch Trailer tyres assemblies? Feel free to contact our customer service team!

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