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      10-inch Trailer wheels - tyre mounted on rims

      Complete 10-inch Trailer wheel assemblies - various sizes, connection sizes/pitch sizes and brands - 4x100/4x115/4x101,6/5x112/5x140 - cheap and fast delivery Show more


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      Need to replace 10-inch trailer wheels? Buy a complete trailer wheel cheaply.

      Of course, you can also replace a single rim because it is still good. However, it is easier and cheaper to replace a complete wheel. By recycling, the old tyre and wheel are separated so they can be reused, which is good for the environment. The biggest advantage of buying a complete is wheel is that you can easily replace it yourself (assuming you have a spanner). By replacing the wheel yourself, you don't need to hire a mechanic. In most cases, the cost of a complete wheel far outweighs these replacement costs.


      Exactly which 10-inch trailer wheels do I need?

      Our range of 10-inch trailer wheels comes in a few different designs. The big advantage of buying Trailer wheel assemblies is that you can easily replace them yourself. It is important to know the pitch size of your Rims. Unfortunately, the pitch is not indicated on the tyre. You have to measure it yourself. On 10-inch Trailer wheels with 4 bolts you can measure the pitch from bolt to bolt diagonally. On 10-inch trailer wheels with 5 bolts, measure from one bolt diagonally, centre to centre. The illustration shows exactly how this is done.


      Sizes of the 10 inch trailer wheels steekmaat aanhangwagendirect.nl wiel band velg compleet 4x100 5x112 4x101,6 4x115

      In our range we sell 10-inch Trailer wheels from Kargotrail, Vredestein and AWD. The load capacities of these tyres are between 275 kg and 750 kg. If you know the pitch size of the wheels, you can see in the table below which hub diameter corresponds to it. Conversely, you can also see which pitch size you have if you know the hub diameter. All pitch sizes of the 10-inch trailer wheels with designation and hub diameter are listed below:



      Pitch size

      Hub diameter

      Vauxhall pitch4x10057 mm
      French-pitch4x11585 mm
      Rim with grease nipple cut-out4x101,667 mm
      Mercedes pitch5x11267 mm
       5x14094 mm


      What is difference between 4PR, 6PR and 8PR?

      PR (formerly PLY) is the number of layers of rubber used to produce the tyre, the higher the PR value the stronger the tyre is. The load capacity is also indicated in a PR value. For the 10-inch Trailer wheels, these are available in 4PR, 6PR & 8PR. The 4PR variant has a load capacity of 265 kg, the 6PR 335 kg & the 8PR 500 kg. Not sure which one you need? If so, we recommend getting wheels with as many layers of rubber as the wheels you are replacing.


      French trailer tent tyres

      Under many folding trailers produced in France are 10-inch Trailer wheels with a French pitch (4x115). Think of brands like Jamet and Cabanon. If you have a trailer but it is not made in France, chances are very high that your 10-inch trailer wheels have an Opel pitch (4x100). Can't you find the right trailer wheel 10 inch? Or would you like more information about our 10-inch trailer wheel? Then please contact our customer service.

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