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      Wheel bolts and wheel nuts for trailer

      Wheel bolts and wheel nuts for the Trailer. Always replace the Wheel bolt when also replacing the wheel. Show more



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      Wheel bolts and wheel nuts for trailers

      Are your current Wheel bolts and Nuts due for replacement? To avoid accidents, it is important to replace them in time. In our range, you will find different Wheel bolts and Nuts for your Trailer. M10, M12, M14, conical wheel bolts, conical wheel bolts, you name it! Of course, you also need the right tools to tighten the Wheel bolts and Nuts. Think of a handy socket spanner or torque spanner. Do you have any questions about our range of wheel bolts and wheel nuts for trailers? Then get in touch with our customer service team. We will be happy to help you find the right Wheel bolts and Nuts. Can't find a particular Wheel bolt or Nut? Please feel free to contact us.

      Conical wheel nuts and conical wheel nuts

      Depending on the Rim, you know whether you need conical (tapered) wheel bolts or round conical wheel bolts. We always recommend replacing the Wheel bolts when also replacing the Rims. These are worn into each other and should not be risked. All wheels we sell also have the correct Wheel bolts listed. It is important that the trailer rims are always fastened with the correct wheel bolts. Spherical wheel nuts and conical wheel nuts are not interchangeable due to the difference in the part of the head that clamps into the Rim. With conical wheel bolts, this part is flat while it is convex with spherical wheel bolts.

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      Wheel bolt torque for trailers

      How do you determine the correct torque for your trailer or caravan wheels? For a start, it's good to know that there's a difference between aluminium rims and steel rims. Aluminium rims have a torque of 120 Nm and steel rims 90 Nm. It is recommended to check the tightening torque after the first 100 kilometres driven. This is because there may be some play on all newly fitted parts. In addition, it doesn't hurt to also check the Tire pressure from time to time. To tighten the Wheel bolts, we recommend fitting the wheels with an air spanner. Then you can set them to the right torque with the torque spanner.

      Tip: read more about tightening wheel bolts on Trailer wheels here

      How dangerous is it if the Wheel bolts on my trailer are loose?

      To get straight to the point: 1 loose Wheel bolt can cause the wheel of your trailer to vibrate. This often results in the other Wheel bolts coming loose as well. If the Wheel bolts on your trailer are loose, the wheel may come loose at some point while driving. You can imagine that a wheel coming loose while driving can lead to dangerous situations. It is therefore very important to check regularly that the Wheel bolts are all tightened properly. Also note that as a driver, you are liable for the vehicles you drive. This means that you are also liable if the wheel of your Trailer comes loose due to incorrect fitting of the Wheel bolts.

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