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      Barrow wheels & Wheelbarrow wheels

      Wheelbarrow wheels and wheelbarrow wheels at low cost. Wheel complete range of wheels for hand trucks and wheelbarrows available directly from stock. Show more



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      Wheelbarrow wheel 4.00-8 anti-leak - 150 kg - 20 mm
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      Inner Tube 3.00 - 4
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      Wheelbarrow wheel spacer side ring 4.00 - 8
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      Barrow wheel and Wheelbarrow wheel inexpensively replaced

      When the tyre on your wheelbarrow or barrow is flat, you want a new tyre as soon as possible. Buying a wheelbarrow or handwheel need not be a difficult task. Simply replace the complete wheel. Our wheelbarrow wheels come in pneumatic tyre version and anti-leak version. But now the question rests: which trolley wheel should you buy? Pneumatic tyres or anti-puncture? In principle, pneumatic tyres have more suspension when they are at the right Tire pressure, but for general use, we still recommend the anti-puncture tyres for wheelbarrows and hand trucks.

      Always a large range of wheelbarrow wheels and wheelbarrow wheels available directly from stock.

      The premium quality Wheelbarrow wheel then has the best quality Bearings, a Steel rim and also a tyre that remains constant during intensive professional use. If you use the Wheelbarrow wheel for private use, the basic version with Plastic Rim is more than sufficient. Do you have any questions about our range of truck wheels and Wheelbarrow wheels? Or do you not see the wheelbarrow wheel you need? Then please contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you find the right wheel.

      Wheelbarrow wheels and wheelbarrow wheels with pneumatic or puncture-resistant tyres?

      With intensive use, a wheelbarrow wheel is prone to punctures. A nail, overloading or simply wear and tear are the most common causes. Our range of truck wheels is characterised by a wide selection of pneumatic and anti-leak tyres. Pneumatic tyres are the most economical solution and can vary in tyre pressure. They are available with Plastic rims or Steel rims. Wheelbarrow wheels fitted with an air tyre also have an inner tube, these inner tubes are also available separately. Most Wheelbarrow wheels sold have an air tyre. You can choose to order a Wheelbarrow wheel with an anti-puncture tyre. An anti-puncture wheel is a solid wheel and is filled with a fixed filling so that when the outer tyre becomes flat, the tyre does not lose pressure. Anti-puncture Wheelbarrow wheels are widely used in the construction industry because wheelbarrow wheels here regularly get punctured.

      Buy a wheelbarrow wheel with a Plastic or Steel rim

      Besides choosing a wheel with an air- or puncture-resistant tyre, you can also choose between a wheel with a steel rim and one with a Plastic rim. Steel rims have a significantly higher load capacity than Plastic wheels. A disadvantage of truck wheels with a steel rim compared to truck wheels with a Plastic rim is that those with a steel rim are more prone to scratching and are heavier. A hand truck wheel with a steel rim is therefore stronger, but also heavier. Our recommendation is a hand truck wheel with an anti-leak tyre and a steel rim. That way you will never have a flat or soft tyre and for a small extra cost you have a hand truck wheel that you can always use.

      Is a go-kart wheel the same as a Wheelbarrow wheel?

      A go-kart wheel is the same size as a wheelbarrow wheel and can therefore be used perfectly well for the go-kart. Important to check is the axle hole. Whether this has a round or square connection and what the axle hole is in terms of diameter. You can use pneumatic tyres or an anti-leak wheel. Obviously, the anti puncture tyres are stiffer as a go-kart tyre but have the advantage that they cannot go flat. So this depends on the personal preference of ride comfort of the go-kart rider. The smaller 3.00-4 are ideal for a wagon.

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