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      Original Eduard hand winches

      The two original Eduard Hand winches available directly from stock. Available in an 1135kg and 1588 version. Show more



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      Hand winches braked for Eduard trailers

      Here you can find our overview of braked hand winches for Eduard trailers. These are easily mounted on the drawbar of the Trailer by means of a winch support.

      Which hand winch do I need?

      Above, you will find a number of hand winches that are suitable for Eduard trailers, among others. View our full range of hand winches.

      Braked hand winch with 1135 kg pulling force (11:1)

      This is our best-selling hand winch, suitable for most purposes. With 1135 kg pulling power, you can use it for most purposes. The advantage of this winch over the 1588 kg variant is the transmission. For this winch, you need to turn the crank 11 times before the spool makes a full rotation.

      This allows you to winch loads quickly compared to the 1588 kg variant.

      Braked hand winch with 1588 kg pulling power (18.4:1)

      This hand winch has relatively high pulling power compared to the 1135 kg braked hand winch. We recommend this winch for heavier work. Keep in mind that this winch has a transmission of 18.4 to 1. This means you have to turn the crank 18.4 times before the spool makes one revolution.

      How are winches attached to Eduard trailers?

      It is best to place a hand winch in the middle of the trailer so that the cable or tyre runs straight up and down it. Because the crank must of course be able to rotate along the winch, it is handy to use a winch support (see the picture opposite).

      With this winch support, you can almost always position the winch in the middle of the trailer, making it work perfectly.

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