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      Eduard accessories

      Eduard accessories

      Here you will find additional accessories for the Eduard trailer, which you can easily order with your trailer.

      Front racks & haulm racks

      Front racks are placed on the front of the trailer. Eduard front racks consist of two vertical and horizontal profiles. Front racks are used to secure cargo. It is as easy to place a front rack as it is to remove it. This allows you to easily remove a front rack or replace it with a leaf rack.

      Front racks are available in four sizes; 1550, 1660, 1850 & 2050 mm.

      Haulm racks are placed around the Trailer and can be removed or placed individually. Haulm racks are 70 cm high as standard. A haulm rack is particularly useful when transporting semi-loose loads such as garden waste. To prevent the load from getting out at the top, we recommend placing a fine-meshed net over it.

      Eduard extension boards

      Top boards can be placed on top of existing boards. They are particularly useful for transporting high and/or loose loads such as sand and leaves. In many cases top boards are closed with a fine-meshed Gauze cargo net.

      Eduard flat covers

      Flat covers are made specifically for Eduard trailers and therefore only fitted to Eduard trailers. Flat covers are very strong and extremely suitable for professional use. These tarpaulins can be tightened using the supplied elastics.

      Flat covers are particularly suitable if you want to keep the load completely dry and clean. Alternatives are trailer nets and trailer tarpaulins.

      Standard tarpaulin and sliding tarpaulin

      Tarpaulins can be mounted on the body of your trailer. Tarpaulins are very handy. You can use them to stack cargo higher and also to keep cargo dry and clean.

      Our tarpaulins are supplied complete as standard. This means that the tarpaulin frame is included. Not quite sure what you need? Then feel free to contact us

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