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      Buying a tandem axle trailer at low cost

      Double axle trailer. Trailer with tandem axles, which means that the weight is distributed over two different axles. Available directly from stock. Show more


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      Buying a double axle trailer

      When you need a trailer with a high load-bearing capacity, you always end up with a double axle trailer. This tandem axle trailer distributes the weight over 2 Axles and, according to Dutch legislation, can weigh up to 3500 kg without a hydraulic brake system. Our range of double axle trailers consists of box-body trailers and platform trailers, which we offer online at advantageous prices. From our location in Heerenveen, these trailers can also be viewed, purchased and taken home immediately!

      Unbraked double axle trailer

      There is also increasing demand for unbraked double axle trailers. This is a trailer with two Axles of 750 kg each. However, on paper it still has a load capacity of 750kg. You do have the convenience of the possibilities of a tandem axle trailer and, in case of overloading, still have a stable trailer. In terms of legislation, however, you are not allowed to exceed 750kg. A frequently sold model is the Eduard tandem trailer 310x160.

      Trailer double axle driving licence

      You do not necessarily need a BE driving licence for a double axle trailer. It depends on the car and its maximum (un)braked towing capacity. The unbraked maximum is always 750 kg, but the braked maximum can be more but never exceed 3500 kg. You can find more info on the car's registration certificate. In any case, it is advisable to get your trailer driving licence if you use the trailer a lot. Manoeuvring and especially driving backwards is an agility you can then practice well. A double axle trailer is more difficult to manoeuvre by hand because the Axles will "wriggle" if the bend is too square.

      Payload of a double-axle trailer

      The gross loading capacity of a double-axle trailer is indicated on the type plate. If the Trailer has a gross payload of more than 750 kg, it also has its own registration number and corresponding papers. This also lists the load capacity. This increases to 3500kg. Of course, the towing vehicle must also be allowed to pull this. Is the double axle trailer an unbraked trailer? Then the gross loading capacity never exceeds 750 kg. This often means a net payload of around 200-250 kg.

      Double axle trailer brands

      We carry several premium brands of manufacturers of double axle trailers. These Tandem axle trailers are supplied by:

      • Eduard Trailers
      • Anssems
      • Hulco
      • Humbaur

      These are all leading players in the trailer market, building high-quality double-axle trailers. Thanks to frequent deliveries, we can guarantee fast delivery times and we always have a large and varied stock of trailers at our location in Heerenveen. Would you like advice on making the right choice? We will gladly help you!

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