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      Low-cost single-axle trailers

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      Single axle trailer

      A single axle trailer is the most sold type of trailer in the Netherlands. Ideal in use because almost everyone with a B driving licence can drive it. Often with a maximum of 750 kg, which is more than enough load capacity for most people. Our range of single-axle trailers has been put together with care. It includes the best-selling trailers that excel in price-quality ratio. We have thoroughly tested the single-axle versions from various manufacturers and have thus selected the best trailers available on the market. A single-axle trailer is a trailer with 1 Axle. This can be either a braked or unbraked Axle. The single-axle trailer is easy to manoeuvre and often has a smaller body size of up to 3 metres. If it is a braked version, the single axle trailer has an overrun brake and drum brakes on the Axles. The vast majority of single-axle models are unbraked trailers. They therefore have a maximum gross loading capacity of up to 750 kg. Moreover, we also have closed single-axle trailers in our range. This gives you a closed box, protected from the elements.

      Buy a single axle trailer affordably

      Due to our large-scale purchasing of trailers, we can also offer the single axle trailers at competitive prices. Naturally, from renowned brands such as Eduard, Anssems and Humbaur with the guarantees you would expect. Each price category naturally distinguishes itself in durability and quality of materials. Of course, this depends entirely on the frequency and purpose of use. We are happy to advise you on this and always have a large collection of single-axle trailers directly available from stock.

      How many kilos are allowed on a single-axle trailer?

      This depends on whether it is a braked or unbraked version. With an unbraked single axle trailer, the gross payload may not exceed 750 kg. This means that the combination of own weight and payload may not exceed 750 kg. The trailer's own weight is often around 200 kg, leaving a net loading capacity of around 500 kg. With a braked version, it depends on the approval the Trailer has. This usually goes up to a maximum of 1800kg. After that, trailers are often designed as tandem axle trailers.

      What types of single-axle trailers are there?

      Also closed single-axle trailers available

      For the vast majority of private individuals who own a trailer, it is a single-axle trailer. This is meant for odd jobs, hobby or with a luggage trailer for holidays. Aanhangwagendirect is a specialist in the field of trailers and parts. We are happy to help you make the right choice to buy a single axle trailer. Drop by our Heerenveen branch or contact customer service with all your questions.Also take a look at our range of.

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