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      Want to buy a platform truck? We have a wide range of different platform trailers. Is your ideal platform trailer not listed? Then put together your own platform trailer. Show more


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      Buy platform trailer

      Are you looking for a platform trailer? At AanhangwagenDirect.nl, you are in the right place. We have a large selection of trailers in various sizes and load capacities. We will gladly tell you more about what to look out for! The most distinctive feature of a platform trailer is that it has the wheels under the loading floor. The side walls fold down making it easy to load with a forklift. This is the big advantage of platform trailers. Moreover, a platform trailer has a large loading surface because the full width can be used; this type is extremely suitable for transporting heavy and large goods. The platform trailers from AanhangwagenDirect.nl are made of the best quality, in order to guarantee safety. The trailers have a load capacity of 750 to 3500 kg. So think carefully beforehand about what you want to transport on the platform trailer in order to make the right choice when purchasing a suitable trailer.

      The advantages of a platform trailer

      • No protruding wheels or mudguards
      • Easy loading from the side due to folding side boards
      • Load can be optimally distributed over the loading floor
      • Larger loading floor for the same trailer size
      • Wider range of dimensions and loading capacities

      Hulco vs Eduard platform trailer

      Want to buy a single or tandem axle platform trailer?

      The platform trailers we offer are available in single axle and tandem axle versions. The trailers are available in more than 300 different versions. The specifications are indicated per platform trailer. This always gives you a good idea of what to expect. Always check beforehand what the features are, as this gives you a good idea of what you are getting. Use the handy filter options on the left-hand side of the page to quickly and easily find a platform trailer that matches your wishes and requirements. Is the variant you want not listed? Then you can put one together yourself using the configurator. Most platform trailers are supplied as Tandem Axles. A tandem axle trailer logically has a higher load capacity and is often braked. For professional use, a platform trailer often has a gross loading capacity of 2000kg or higher. For stability and safety, the Trailer always has two Axles. Especially with loose cargo like sand and soil, it is ideal that the trailer can be loaded from the side and the tandem axle can also be filled separately. It is then much more stable than a single-axle Trailer.

      Eduard platform trailers load floor heights 56, 63 and 72 cm

      Our platform trailers can be delivered with three loading-floor heights: 56, 63 & 72 cm. The platform trailer with the lowest loading-floor height is 56 cm. A loading floor height of 56 cm is particularly handy when using Ramps, as the angle of inclination is relatively small. The Trailer also catches less wind. An advantage of a load floor height of 56 cm is that the trailer's centre of gravity is relatively low. This is particularly relevant when the Trailer is loaded high. Eduard tandem axle flatbed trailers are in most cases delivered with a loading floor height of 63 cm. The big advantage of this height is that the centre of gravity is still relatively low compared to the 72 cm variant, but trailers with a load floor height of 63 cm come with 13-inch wheels as standard. This makes the handling of these trailers considerably more pleasant than those with 10-inch wheels. Platform trailers supplied with a 72 cm high loading floor have a relatively high centre of gravity. The big advantage of trailers with this height is accessibility; 72 cm is a pleasant working height that allows you to load and unload these trailers comfortably by hand.

      A wide range of sizes of Eduard platform trolleys is available. A new plateau trailer of 230x145 cm has recently been introduced. This is the smallest size Eduard platform trailer available. Furthermore, tray lengths are available in steps of up to 6 metres. So there is the right trailer for every use. We always have a large number of trailers in stock, otherwise delivery time is around 10 working days. The most commonly used platform trailers are between 3 and 4 metres long. We have Eduard platform trailers in the different sizes, namely from 230x145 cm to 606x220 cm in different lengths and widths.

      Buy Hulco platform trailer

      For transporting heavy materials and very intensive use, the Hulco platform trailer is a real godsend. The Hulco platform trailer can take a beating due to its aluminium boards and reinforced chassis. In addition, the boards can be fully folded down and the stanchions are also removable, making loading by forklift truck extremely easy. The Hulco platform trailer is available in 24 different versions, the most common model being the Hulco Medax 2 3000 kg. The Hulco trailer is also available with various options, including a tarpaulin.

      Humbaur platform trailer

      We also offer Humbaur platform trailers. Every Humbaur platform trailer has a hot-dip galvanized chassis. The Humbaur platform trailers are available from 265 x 165 cm to as much as 622 x 247 cm. Humbaur is currently conquering market share in the Benelux; in Germany, they have been the largest by far for years. If you are looking for a Humbaur platform trailer, please contact our customer service team!

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