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      Luggage trolleys

      Want to buy a luggage trailer? Anssems baggage trailers have been chosen as the best by the ANWB. Executed with AL-KO undercarriage and cared aluminium construction suitable for years of use. Our trailers are available in various loading capacities. Show more


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      Buying a trailer

      A luggage trolley is widely used for holidays but also for hobby use when surfing or fishing, for example. Always enough space and easy to store waterproof. The aluminium construction prevents corrosion and uses premium components, which have earned these trailersthe BEST BUY from the ANWB. A closed luggage trailer with lid is a common solution during summer holidays to take everything with you to the campsite in southern Europe. Often used on holidays with a tent and as a family you always have too little space in the car. Nowadays, they are also often the solution to be able to take all the equipment for winter sports. Skis and snowboards can come along without a problem. Of course, as with the caravan, you want to be safe on the road and not have any hassle on the way. A high-quality luggage trailer with lid is the answer. With today's speed limits, transporting a Trailer behind the car is no longer an obstacle either.

      Buying a multifunctional luggage trailer for the hobby

      Popular among angler and Kite surfer is the GT750 version with a height of 83 cm. This multifunctional luggage trailer is equipped with a Gas spring lid and handy cord to close it again. This way, you can conveniently store all the equipment separately and keep your car nice and clean. Whether you use a closed luggage trailer for kitesurfing, fishing or any other sport. The flap with Gas spring is easy to open and all materials are stored nice and dry. Moreover, it is the ultimate companion for holidays with the family. You can then nicely take everything with you and also be spacious with your family in the car.

      Braked or unbraked luggage trailer with cover

      Depending on the load capacity, an enclosed luggage trailer is either braked or unbraked. Braked means there is an overrun brake with drum brakes on the Axles, which ensures that the trailer brakes with the car when it brakes. This operation is identical to braked trailers. This ensures better road holding and prevents extra wear on the car's brake discs. We often sell braked luggage trailers in the form of a large wagon with a higher load capacity. The road holding is better and is safer when braking. Which luggage trailer with lid is most suitable for you? That depends on the use and especially the load. The large luggage trailer with lid is also suitable for transporting a quad or motorbike. The most commonly used variant is the unbraked aluminium luggage trailer. It has a maximum gross payload of 750 kg, but is also available in a 500 kg version. Great for most hobby and sports equipment and easy to move by hand when the trailer is off the tow bar. The unbraked luggage trailer is fitted with an Al-KO torsion Axle and other premium components known for their durability. An advantage of an unbraked luggage trailer with cover is that you can simply drive it with a B driving licence.

      Buying a luggage trailer in Germany

      There are many people looking for a cheap luggage trailer. In the search, they therefore look across the border. Sometimes this can indeed make a difference in price but don't forget that you then have to factor in travel time and kilometres. All vehicles have European approval, which is great, but if you want to register the Trailer in the Netherlands, it must first be exported in Germany and then imported into the Netherlands. These are administrative operations which you do need to do properly and also incur costs. Then there is always the warranty aspect. There can always be something wrong with the Trailer and going back to the dealer abroad to solve it is not ideal. These are all considerations you should take into account to come to a choice that works out best for you.

      Hire a luggage trailer with bike carrier

      Many people use the luggage trailer for holidays and what could be more convenient than also being able to take their bicycles with them. With a roof rack especially designed for your car, this is ideal. You can then carry up to 3 bicycles on a large model. This way, you create the most ideal travelling companion, especially if you have a family. Don't want to buy a fully enclosed luggage trailer because you hardly ever need it? Then it makes sense to rent a luggage trailer! If you need the luggage trailer aluminium sometimes for hobby, work or holidays, then you can just rent it from us. The closed luggage trailer has a gross loading capacity of 750 kg. This means you can simply tow it with a B driving licence.

      Besides various luggage trailers, take a look at our range of flatbed trailers, car transporters, single axle trailers & braked trailers.

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