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      Car transporters & car ambulances

      Want to buy a car transporter? Car trailers are ideal when you want to transport cars, cranes or garden machinery. TrailerDirect has a wide range of car transporters, available in various sizes and load capacities. Show more


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      Buying the best car transporter

      You are looking for a car transporter that excels in ease of use and has the capacity to transport many different vehicles. We will gladly work with you to determine which car transporter trailer is the most ideal solution for your application. We have car transporters with an aluminium loading floor but also with concrete plywood. Depending on budget and also application, you can decide which is preferable. Ramps ensure that the ramp angle is as small as possible. Of course, you can also further define the loading floor height with the choice of tyres. Realise that you should always consider the gross payload. This should not exceed the maximum towing load of the towing vehicle. Not even if no car is loaded on the car transporter. Therefore, always check the net loading capacity of the autotransporter to determine whether this net loading capacity is sufficient to transport cars or other rolling stock. The Eduard autotransporter is largely the same as the multitransporter. The only difference is that a car transporter is equipped as standard with a 10 cm high welded railing all around, while a multitransporter is equipped with boards. This railing makes it easy to attach cars and machines with, for example, car transporter straps. And you save the cost of side boards, of course! Our car ambulances come standard with integrated ramps that you can easily slide under the loading floor of the trailer, a strong braked Hand winch and an extra long drawbar with a folding Jockey wheel. The concreteplex floor plate is sawn in one piece and very durable. In short, a good-quality car transporter with handy options!

      Platform height of a car transporter

      Car transporters, often also called drive-up trucks, can be delivered with a loading floor height of 56, 63 & 72 cm. The ramp angle is (partly) determined by the loading floor height. A car transporter is standard equipped with 246 cm long aluminium ramps. Most of the car transporters we sell have a loading floor height of 63 cm. At this height you have the comfortable handling that comes with 13-inch wheels and the ramp angle is small enough to easily load and unload vehicles and machines. With a car transporter where the wheels are next to the loading floor, you have a lower loading floor height. This is a nice advantage because a lower centre of gravity ensures that the car trailer is more stable on the road. With a car transporter where the wheels are under the body, you make use of the entire width of the loading floor itself. In addition, the placement of the wheels under the loading floor of the car transporter has no adverse effect on the loading floor height, as this model is available in different loading floor heights.

      Humbaur Car transport tiltable loading floor

      The Humbaur car transporter is extremely suitable for professional use. Because of the tipping function, the drive-up angle is small so that you can also load low cars very easily. With a tiltable car ambulance version, the chassis of the loading floor and the frame are two separate parts. In addition, with a tiltable car transporter the loading floor is hydraulically tilted. This gives you a low ramp angle, which is of course ideal for driving on and off. Car transporters often require short ramps, but in our range you will also find car trailers that are fitted with ramps as standard. If you look at the Hulco Carrax, you will see that there is also a kink in the rear part of the trailer, which also reduces the ramp angle. For daily use, however, it is advisable to choose a tiltable car transporter as this makes the job considerably easier.

      Hulco car transporter

      Recently, we also started offering the Hulco car transporter. The Hulco car transporter is called the CARAX and comes with 2 or 3 Axles. The Carax has everything a real car transporter should have. As mentioned earlier, the Carax has a kind of kink at the back of the loading floor, making it very easy to load cars. The Hulco carax has a full aluminium floor with an anti-slip coating. This absolute top quality car ambulance is a must have for the professional who often needs to transport cars or other vehicles. The level of finish is high and the aluminium floor plates with anti-slip extremely durable.

      Car transport leasing

      Would you like to use a car transporter, but find it too big a step to buy one first? Then leasing might be an ideal option for you. We rent out a braked 340x180 cm car transporter with a 2500 kg gross loading capacity. We also have a 1500 kg car transporter in our range. Furthermore, renting a car transporter is not only ideal for transporting cars, but also for transporting quads and garden machinery. Please note that a BE driving licence is required when renting this car ambulance. These days, you don't have to buy a car transporter outright! Leasing is the new trend. More information about leasing a car transporter? You can find it here!

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