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      Box trailer

      Low-cost bucket trailer online at TrailerDirect. Box trailer available from Anssems and Temared. Check out the options below. Picked up here from us or delivered to your location! Show more


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      Want to buy Box-body trailer?

      Do you want to buy a box-body trailer? And will you be transporting light loads with your Trailer? Then a box-body trailer with a maximum gross payload of 750 kg is perfect for you. If you want to transport a heavier load, we recommend you get a box-body trailer with a higher load capacity. A box-body trailer, unlike a platform trailer, has the wheels on the side of the loading floor.
      A box-body trailer is the most common trailer model at the moment.

      Anssems dropside trailer GT and BSX series

      Anssems has put a lot of thought into the design of the bucket trailer. The continuous drawbar legs with an innovative construction make the GT extremely stable and maintenance-friendly. All trailer models are made of high-quality materials and equipped with solid Lights, Jockey wheels, Axles, couplings and overrun brakes. On this page you will find Anssems GTO, GTR, GTT, GTB and BSX box trailers, among others. Below, we explain what the differences are so you can easily choose a rigid trailer that suits your needs.

      Anssems GT Series box trailer

      The Anssems GTO series is a very versatile box-body trailer for the private customer. The GT-series has no less than 15 different models. The smallest variant started with a size of 151x100 cm, this is the GT500 with a loading capacity of 500 kg. The box trucks are light as they are woodless. The construction is made of aluminium except for the loading floor, which is made of plywood. Because the wheels of this rigid trailer are placed next to the body, road handling is excellent and the centre of gravity is low. Anssems GTO box-body trailers do not need their own registration number because the gross loading capacity of this trailer does not exceed 750 kg. In addition, GTO box-body trailers are always equipped with a single Axle. Anssems GTR models are in fact Anssems GTOs with pre-mounted railing and a pre-mounted front rack. If you want a GTO with a front rack and railing, we advise you to buy a GTR. On Anssems GTR you can have the following extras fitted: Flat covers, spare wheel with support, Prop stands, tie eyes and net hooks. The GT series comes standard with tie hooks, a Jockey wheel and a rear wall that can be folded out and removed. Besides the GTO and GTR, there are also two variants. The Anssems GTT trailers are braked and unbraked box-body trailers with two Axles. Anssems GTB box-body trailers are always braked and are available with two Axles and with one Axle.

      Anssems BSX-Series box-body trailer

      Do you regularly transport heavy loads? The braked trailers (Anssems BSX) are very strong and of high quality. Suitable for both entrepreneurs and private individuals. The BSX series is especially suitable for intensive use and even for small vehicles and machines. Do you use the Trailer regularly? Then we recommend you get a BSX. The BSX has a very sturdy chassis with strong beams. The chassis is also thicker and wider than normal box trailers. Therefore, the BSX is also very suitable for heavy loads. The BSX allows you to continue loading if the load is longer than the body of the trailer. This is possible because the front board rests on the drawbar. The rear board of the BSX rests on drawbars.

      Possible accessories for your Anssems box-body trailer:

      • Cover (120 or 150 cm inside height)
      • Front rack
      • Flat cover
      • Lid hinged to the side
      • Hinged front lid
      • Spare wheel with support
      • Shock absorbers (GTT and GTB)
      • Prop stands
      • Tie eyes
      • Nethooks
      • Top boards (height 35 cm)
      • Haulm racks (height 70 cm)
      • Drive-up ramp (100 or 135 cm high (only possible in combination with haulm racks)

      Humbaur box-body trailer

      The Trailer box trailer from Humbaur is available in several variants, with steel or aluminium boards. Even a folding Humbaur box-body trailer is available. The Humbaur box trailer can be recognised by its sleek design and light materials. Another well-known trailer type from Humbaur is the Humbaur steely. The Humbaur steely trailer is ideal for transporting your rubbish or garden waste. Because this trailer has a low net weight, you can load a lot on this trailer.

      Have you purchased a box-body trailer? Then you can pick it up during opening hours; you can find our current opening hours here. Of course, you can also simply have your box-body trailer delivered. If you choose this option, we will contact you to discuss a date and time. If you have any questions or comments about the delivery of your trailer, please contact us.

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