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      Wheel clamps and chain locks for trailers

      Planning to buy a wheel clamp or chain lock? Here you will find our overview of Wheel clamps and Chain locks for trailers and caravans. Unapproved and SCM approved models. Show more



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      Buying a wheel clamp

      Wheel clamp is the best preventive anti-theft lock for a Trailer or caravan. It is widely used because it is universally applicable with Steel rims. It is highly visible from afar and prevents unwanted movement of the Trailer. We have a police wheel clamp in our range that is also universally applicable. It is suitable for 8. 9 and 10-inch wheels. Want a wheel clamp for the larger sizes? Then we also have a version suitable for 12, 13 and 14-inch wheels with a maximum tyre width of 175 mm. Are you short on cash and looking for an inexpensive wheel clamp? Then an adjustable wheel clamp type Lokmas is a suitable solution. The width is adjustable, making it suitable for cars, trailers and even motorbikes. You can also choose the 'Wheel clamp with lock Universal 13" to 15"'. This clamp is suitable for almost every type of Steel rim 13 to 15 inches.

      Tip: Wheel clamps are often very light sensitive. Make sure you regularly lubricate your wheel clamps with WD40. When you do this you make sure your clamp keeps working smoothly. Even if you have just bought a clamp, we recommend lubricating it immediately. WD40 is silicone-free and ensures, for example, that your wheel clamp will not squeak and creak. Using WD40 will also significantly extend the life of your wheel clamp.

      Want to buy SCM approved wheel clamp?

      Looking for a specific SCM approved clamp? There is a clear difference between a basic wheel clamp and an SCM approved clamp. Many hull insurance policies for trailers and caravans require SCM approved wheel clamps. SCM approved wheel clamps are generally stronger than non-approved clamps. You can recognise an SCM approved product by the orange coloured triangle.

      Tip: If you take out theft insurance for a boat, for example, the insurer may impose requirements on the type of lock. This could, for example, be a requirement that the outboard motor lock meets SCM requirements and be SCM-approved. It is therefore important to get information on this from your insurance company beforehand. That way, you won't have any unpleasant surprises.

      Buying chain locks for trailers, caravans or boats

      Of course, you can buy wheel clamps for trailers and caravans. But you can also secure them with a chain lock. Chain locks from DoubleLock are ideal for different types of vehicles such as trailers, boat trailers and caravans. You can attach these chain locks to static objects and by using a loopchain, you can secure your trailers very well. In addition, DoubleLock loopchains are easy to store. A chain lock from DoubleLock is SCM approved and comes, among other things, in a luxurious case so you can protect the lock from damage. We have 130 cm and 200 cm chain locks in our range. Do you have any questions about our range of Chain locks and Wheel clamps? Then feel free to contact our customer service. We are happy to help you find a Wheel clamp or Chain lock that fits your trailer, caravan or boat trailer. You can also easily collect your order from our shop located in Heerenveen.

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