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      Padlocks & Discus padlocks

      Need to secure your trailer or drawbar box? A Discus padlock is ideal for this. We have a wide range of different discus locks and padlocks. But also keyed or SCM approved! Show more



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      Discus padlock in hardened steel (basic)
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      Flush-fitting Discus padlocks in hardened steel (2 pieces)
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      Padlock 30 mm
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      Padlock 40 mm
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      Padlock 50 mm
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      Padlock 20 mm
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      Buy a Discus padlock

      Planning to better secure your Trailer or items you store in a Drawbar box? Then a Discus padlock is an ideal solution! A Discus padlock is a really strong piece of steel. You can often recognise the Discus padlock by its round shape and it is not easily broken open by potential thieves. They may look a bit friendly due to the round shape, but appearances can be deceiving! Discus padlocks can take a beating with their robust steel character. Discus padlocks are difficult to break open due to the steel locking pins. It is also almost impossible to break open the shackle because of the Discus padlock's small opening. In addition, almost most Discus padlocks are made of stainless steel. Aanhangwagendirect has a wide range of different padlocks and Discus padlocks, including SCM approved locks. Do you have any questions about our range of Discus padlocks and padlocks? Feel free to contact our customer service. We will gladly help you without any obligation!

      Did you know that DoubleLock's Padlock lock is also used by the military?

      What can you use a Discus padlock and padlock for?

      Of course, you can use a Discus padlock for your trailer or drawbar box, but you can also use them for other applications. The great thing about a Discus padlock or padlock, is that they have a wide range of uses. For example, you can also easily lock your garage or shed in combination with a chain. But also protect your scooter, or the contents of your locker's luggage. In our range, you will find Discus padlocks and padlocks, each with their own degree of security. For extra security, you can for example buy a Discus padlock with number combination. This way, you no longer have to search for your keys. This is an ideal solution when several people use a Discus padlock.

      Types of Discus padlocks and padlocks

      In our range, you will find the following types of Discus padlocks:

      • - same-lockingDiscus padlocks
        • A Discus padlock of the same type can be opened with one key. So you can lock several doors or other objects with the same one. So you never have to carry a big bunch of keys again
      • - Covered keyhole
        • Would you like to protect your Lock from grains of sand or dust? Then you should buy a Discus padlock with a covered keyhole. When you open the lock, you pull the slide upwards, so dirt is less likely to get in.
      • - Weatherproof Discus padlocks and padlocks
        • Our range of Discus padlocks and padlocks are weatherproof. This means you can use them both indoors and outdoors. So your Discus padlock will stand up nicely to different types of weather. We do recommend to regularly lubricate your padlock or Discus padlock with WD40. WD40 expels moisture and protects the lock.

      SCM approved padlock

      Looking for a Discus padlock or padlock for insurance purposes? Most insurance companies require an SCM approved lock. Fortunately, you will find a Padlock X in our range, from the well-known brand DoubleLock. This padlock is very durable and strong and includes no less than 5 keys! In addition, the cover prevents moisture or dirt from entering the keyhole. Did you know that this lock is also used by the military, for example? In short, a very robust and reliable padlock!

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