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      Universal tube Hitchlocks for trailers

      Universal tube Hitchlock for trailers, folding trailers, boat trailers and horse trailers. Ideal for securing your Trailer against theft. Show more



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      Buy Sleeve Hitchlock trailer lock

      Nobody wants their Trailer, caravan or boat trailer to be stolen. That is why it is important to equip your trailer with a well-fitting lock. Take a tubular Hitchlock, for example. A Hitchlock is the most commonly sold trailer drawbar lock. In addition, a tubular Hitchlock is universally applicable. This means that this type of hitchlock fits virtually any trailer. Choose between a fine basic model or a premium finish. The safety box XL can also be connected to the trailer. When buying a Hitchlock, it is useful to check which models are available. In our range, you will find, for example, the aforementioned safety box XL, but also a cover lock (Hitchlock bag model) and a premium sleeve drawbar lock, including a Discus padlock made of stainless steel. Looking for loose pins for a sleeve Hitchlock? Then you've come to the right place too! Not sure which hitchlock is suitable for your application? Feel free to contact our customer service. We are happy to help and think along with you through a free advice!

      Tip: Are you looking for an SCM approved Hitchlock for insurance purposes? Take a look at our range of SMC approved Hitchlocks.

      How a sleeve drawbar lock works

      Nice Hitchlocks, but how do they work exactly? Every model of Hitchlock works in a different way. They each lock the drawbar in a different way. A sleeve drawbar lock is an ideal way to secure your Trailer against theft. A Hitchlock is attached to the drawbar of a trailer or, for example, a caravan. The drawbar itself consists of a lever and a bullet hole. A sleeve Hitchlock locks it completely.

      Important: a Hitchlock or cylinder lock with Discus padlock are often sensitive to light. It is therefore wise to lubricate them regularly with WD40. This will make your lock last longer and your drawbar lock will work smoothly again.

      Hitchlock bag model

      A Hitchlock Pocket model is a nice compact lock that you can easily mount on the coupling of your Trailer, caravan, boat trailer or folding trailer. The Hitchlock Pocket model can be used both hitched and unhitched. This type of lock is difficult to break or crack due to the galvanised steel. With a Hitchlock Bag model, your Trailer can never be coupled to a tow bar. You can easily order a Discus padlock with it, as this lock does not include a Discus padlock. Therefore, always take a look at the related products on the product pages. Please note that a hitch lock bag model is not suitable for 3500 kg couplings and Coupling heads such as the aks2004. Looking for a tube drawbar lock with Discus padlock? In our range, you have a Hitchlock including a Discus padlock. Always read the product description of the Hitchlock carefully. It often states whether or not the drawbar lock includes a Discus padlock. This way, you will not be unpleasantly surprised. We also have a drawbar lock with Discus padlock made of stainless steel. Stainless steel ensures that your Hitchlock will not rust.

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