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      Slide locks and shackle locks for trailers

      Slide locks and shackle locks for trailers, caravans, folding trailers, horse trailers and boat trailers - the cheapest in Europe and fast delivery Show more



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      Buy Padlock Trailer

      Prevent thieves from easily taking your Trailer, caravan, boat trailer or folding trailer. With a padlock trailer, you can easily make life more difficult for thieves. The bright yellow colour will quickly deter the first opportunist. In addition, this lock does not take up much space and can therefore be easily stored. A padlock can be attached to your trailer coupling within 10 seconds. A universal bracket lock is suitable for both braked and unbraked trailers. You can use it for your trailer, caravan, boat trailer and folding trailer. Are you looking for an AL-KO U-lock suitable for an AK160, AK300 or AK350? Then you have also come to the right place. Do you have any questions about our range of U-locks and sliding locks? Feel free to contact our customer service. We will gladly help you choose the right lock for your trailer.

      A padlock can be attached to your trailer coupling within 10 seconds!

      Buy a sliding lock

      A slide lock is also universally applicable to almost every braked and unbraked Trailer. Please note, however, that a slide lock only fits on couplings that contain a lip. The sliding lock can then be slid over this. The sliding lock can only be used uncoupled. If you want to use the lock coupled and uncoupled, it is best to choose a padlock trailer. Do you own an AL-KO K160, KNOTT KF14 or KF20, and are you looking for an inexpensive sliding lock for it? Then a universal sliding lock for unbraked couplings is an ideal solution. Fortunately, this lock is also easy to fit. After you have fitted the sliding lock, a heavy pin is clicked in place of the tow ball and a key locks the pin.

      How do I maintain my sliding lock and padlock trailer?

      Does your bracket lock or sliding lock no longer open smoothly? Or does it creak? Then it is advisable to lubricate it with WD40. This lubricant is specially made for trailer locks and is silicone-free. WD40 also ensures that your lock will last considerably longer. WD40 expels moisture and protects and cleans your trailer padlock and trailer sliding lock. We recommend lubricating your lock regularly, even immediately after purchase. You can easily order WD40 under related products on the Lock product pages.

      The advantages of WD40 at a glance:

      • Removes rust
      • Loosens everything that is stuck
      • Durable lubrication without stains
      • Prevents wear and tear
      • Makes parts that run stiffly supple again

      SCM approved lock?

      Looking for a lock that is accepted by insurance companies? In that case, you need to buy an SCM-approved lock for your Trailer (Stichting Certificering Motorrijtuigbeveiliging). Besides the fact that these locks are of very good quality, the insurance covers the damage if your Trailer is still stolen. You recognise an SCM-approved lock by the triangular orange logo. View our range of SCM-approved locks here.


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