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      AL-KO Hitchlocks and coupling locks

      Want to buy an alko Hitchlock? We have a wide range of original (SCM approved) alko Hitchlocks. Perfect for preventing theft of your Trailer or caravan. Show more



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      Safety - AK161 & AK270
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      Safety - AL-KO AK161 & AK270 - SCM
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      Safety compact Hitchlock AKS1300
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      A60 Fixed Lock - SCM - 2x vertical M12
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      AK301 Fixed Lock - SCM - 2x horizontal M12
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      Buying an alko drawbar lock

      Are you looking for a suitable alko Hitchlock for a trailer or caravan? With an alko trailer drawbar lock, you prevent people from coupling or uncoupling your caravan or trailer unwanted. Hitchlocks are available in various types. We have a wide range of alko drawbar locks. Are you looking for an alko 1300 drawbar lock or alko 3004 drawbar lock? Then a DoubleLock Compact Eagle alko drawbar lock is a good choice. In addition, you can use this alko Hitchlock both coupled and uncoupled.

      Our range of alko drawbar locks

      • Safety
      • Safety Premium
      • Safety Compact
      • Universal AL-KO coupling locks
      • SCM approved underride locks
      • Coupling locks (with safety ball)

      DoubleLock Compact Eagle alko drawbar lock

      The DoubleLock Compact Eagle drawbar lock is one of the most common and popular AL-KO drawbar locks. The Compact Eagle drawbar lock is only suitable for alko couplings. It cannot be used for a Winterhoff coupling, for example. This drawbar lock should be mounted on the front of the handle of a braked alko coupling. This type of drawbar lock is suitable for an alko 1300 drawbar lock or alko 3004 drawbar lock, but also for the following alko couplings: AK10, AK300, AK160-A, AK160-B, AKS160 and AKS2004. Please note that this drawbar lock is not suitable for unbraked couplings and does not fit AK161 and AK270.

      What should you consider when buying a Hitchlock Trailer?

      It is important to consider the following aspects:

      • The type of coupling: Not every alko drawbar lock is suitable for all alko couplings. So always look carefully at the type of coupling you own. The type is often engraved on the top of the coupling or on the side of the coupling. In addition, it is always wise to check whether you have a braked or unbraked coupling. It is often stated on the product description if a drawbar lock is suitable for an unbraked or unbraked coupling.
      • Alko drawbar lock for insurance: Our range of alko drawbar locks includes uninsured locks and drawbar locks that are not insured. When you buy an alko Hitchlock that is SCM approved, insurance will cover the damage if your Trailer is stolen. SCM stands for: Motor Vehicle Security Certification Foundation. This is an institute authorised to issue SCM certificates. You can recognise SCM-approved Hitchlocks in our range by the orange triangle.
      • A safety ball: With an alko drawbar lock, we recommend fitting it with an extra safety measure. You can use this Plastic ball for cover locks to block uncoupling. They are often used when parking the Trailer. In addition, a safety ball will pad your alko coupling so thieves cannot put a hook in your coupling and take your trailer or caravan.

      Maintain your Hitchlock properly

      For optimum operation of your alko Hitchlock, we recommend lubricating it regularly with WD40. Hitchlocks and other locks are often very sensitive to light. Regular lubrication ensures that your Hitchlock continues to work smoothly. In addition, WD40 wards off moisture and makes parts that run stiffly move again. To top it all off, WD40 also makes your Hitchlock last much longer! In short, a good and small investment for long-term use.

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