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      Hitchlock for trailer or caravan

      A Hitchlock is indispensable for every trailer and caravan - sleeve locks, caravan drawbar locks, AL-KO locks, sliding locks and shackle locks - the cheapest in the Benelux. Show more



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      Safety - AL-KO AK161 & AK270 - SCM
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      Condor - SCM Hitchlock

      Condor - SCM Hitchlock

      Universal, not suitable for AL-KO
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      Robstop WS 3000 anti-theft lock
      In stock
      Safety - AK161 & AK270
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      AK301 Fixed Lock - SCM - 2x horizontal M12
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      EM350 Fixed Lock - SCM - horizontal/vertical M14
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      Type C Fixed Lock - SCM - horizontal/vertical M12
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      DoubleLock A60 Fixed Lock - 2x vertical M12
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      Trailer drawbar lock or caravan drawbar lock

      It is important to properly secure your trailer or caravan with a lock. The presence of a drawbar lock or wheel clamp has a preventive effect on potential thieves and significantly reduces the risk of theft. Of course, there are many different security methods such as Hitchlocks, Wheel clamps, and also Chain locks. We have a wide range of anti theft products available from stock. You have a wide choice of the best Hitchlocks, which may or may not be SCM approved. So buying a Hitchlock is easy. You want to secure your trailer or caravan. A trailer drawbar lock is a very effective way to prevent theft. A drawbar lock prevents your trailer or caravan from being hitched just like that. Hitchlocks come in different varieties. The different locks all have different benefits and work differently, but are ultimately intended for the same purpose.

      A trailer drawbar lock is a very effective way to prevent theft.

      Which Hitchlock fits my coupling?

      There are many Hitchlocks on the market. We can imagine that it can sometimes be difficult to determine which caravan or trailer drawbar lock fits your coupling. Knowing what type of coupling you have goes a long way. How exactly can you find this out? You can find the type of coupling on the coupling itself. This is often on the top or on the lever of the coupling. It is often engraved there. In addition, you need to find out whether you have a braked or unbraked coupling. Finally, you need to look at the drawbar connection and the way your coupling is attached. You have, for instance, under-built Hitchlocks that are attached 2 x horizontally or 1x vertically and 1x horizontally. Still not sure? Feel free to contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you find a suitable Hitchlock.

      Tip: find your coupling and which Hitchlock fits itin this overview

      Hitchlock sleeve

      Looking for an inexpensive solution to secure your trailer? Then you can, for example, choose a tubular Hitchlock. This type of Hitchlocks are the most sold because they can be used universally. This means they fit almost every type of coupling. A sleeve drawbar lock often covers the entire coupling. By using a Discus padlock, you can easily lock socketed drawbar locks. In our range of sleeve locks, you can choose between basic and premium models. A premium Hitchlock sleeve is made of stainless steel, which makes this lock resistant to corrosion. Looking for a hitchlock that can also be used when hitched? Then the bag model is a good choice. Please note that the bag model is not suitable for 3500 kg couplings and Coupling heads (stabiliser heads) such as the AKS2004.

      Sub-mounted drawbar lock for caravan or Trailer

      The bottom-mounted Hitchlocks consist of two components. A fixed part that always remains attached to the coupling and a separate (inspected) padlock. These locks usually come in an approved (SCM) and unapproved version. Check carefully if you have insurance that requires an inspection. Then you can be sure you have the right lock. When choosing a sub-mounted Hitchlock, look carefully at the way it is fitted. How big is your drawbar connection? And how is your coupling attached? For example, do you have a braked coupling with 2 horizontal M12 bolts (50 mm h.oh. distance)? And a Ø45/50 mm drawbar connection? Then you should pay attention when choosing an undercarriage Hitchlock.

      AL-KO Hitchlock caravan or Trailer

      Al-KO has its own Hitchlocks that fit over the couplings. Pay close attention to the type of coupling you have because it comes precisely. The coupling type number is always on it. A popular drawbar lock for AL-KO couplings is the DoubleLock Compact Eagle. The Compact Eagle is only suitable for braked AL-KO couplings. So you cannot use these AL-KO caravan drawbar locks for Albe or Winterhoff couplings, or other brands. The Compact Eagle is suitable for the following AL-KO couplings AK300, AK10, AK160-A, AK160-B, AKS160 and AKS2004. It is important to note that the DoubleLock Compact Eagle is not suitable for unbraked AL-KO couplings and the AK161 and AK270.

      Slide & shackle locks

      Shackle locks are very easy to use. You attach them to the coupling within 10 seconds and your Trailer is secured against unwanted couplings. You cannot pre-mount these Locks and leave them in place while driving. But they often do stop the first opportunist, thanks to the bright yellow colour. So you can see from a distance, that your Trailer is secured. Most sliding and shackle locks are universally applicable. If you want to use the lock uncoupled and coupled, a bracket lock is the best choice.

      DoubleLock Hitchlocks

      Hitchlocks from the DoubleLock brand are real powerhouses. The beauty of these Hitchlocks is that they are very user-friendly. You can secure your Trailer or caravan in seconds. Most DoubleLock Hitchlocks can be placed at the bottom of your coupling. You put the bracket around the coupling and then lock it with a padlock. A very popular model is the DoubleLock Condor. It is almost identical to the DoubleLock Compact Eagle, only not suitable for AL-KO couplings. This lock is ideal for taking on holiday, for example, as it is a small lock. The deluxe Toolbox makes it easy to take with you.

      SCM approved Hitchlock

      The SCM quality mark was developed by the Centre for Crime Prevention and Safety (the CCV). They determine what mechanical security is approved for certain quality marks, including the SCM quality mark, which is used for drawbar locks for caravans and trailers. For some insurers, this hallmark is therefore also mandatory if you want to insure the trailer against theft. Check with the insurance company whether you need the quality mark. This prevents nasty surprises after a possible theft that show you are not covered by the wrong use of a Lock.

      Maintain your Hitchlock with WD40

      Hitchlocks are often sensitive to light, and should be regularly sprayed with WD40 to keep them supple. Does your lock no longer turn properly? If you do not fully insert the key and it is turned, the lock will jam, because the cylinders will be forced from the inside. If there is any forcing, the lock thinks a thief is trying to break it and it will lock, just like if, for example, someone really wants to steal the Trailer and starts to turn and prick it with a screwdriver, the lock will also lock. This is why it is important to really spray a Hitchlock all over with WD40, or put it in a bath of WD40 overnight.

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