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      GPS tracker security

      A (gps) tracker determines the transmitter's location and serves as security for motorbike, car, boat or Trailer. So you always know the location, even in case of unwanted movements. Show more



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      The GPS tracker car without subscription fees

      Imagine this: you bought the Cobblestone GPS tracker and put it under your trailer. Suddenly, you get a notification that the Trailer is moving. But this isn't you! Depending on the profile, you track your Trailer in no time. The Cobblestone GPS tracker car is an all-round GPS tracker that can be used for all applications with different profiles. You can use the GPS for your boat, car, trailer, caravan and many other valuable objects. The GPS tracker car is also very handy for vehicles with no fixed power supply. Think for example of a bakfiets, motorbikes, scooters and machines. Cobblestone's GPS tracker car is characterised by its ease of use through an APP. You stick the (gps) tracker under any object with tape. The (gps) tracker trailer has a lifespan of 4 years without charging in between. But what exactly are the advantages of the GPS tracker car:

      Advantages GPS tracker trailer

      • no subscription costs: thus a one-off purchase
      • with handy APP for Android and Apple
      • activated within a few minutes
      • no power supply required, thus avoiding high installation costs

      Profiles GPS tracker car

      The GPS tracker car has different profiles. The battery life of 4 years can be different. This is because it depends on the profile you choose. So it takes a few minutes to install the APP. In doing so, you enter the GPS ID, which is on the back of the tracker. Then create a profile and you're done. You can easily customise your profile with the handy software on the APP. Say you want to select a different profile to try or switch. You can certainly do this, but just note that a new profile only becomes active once the tracker shares its position. This means, for example, that if your old profile is 1 tracking per week, you can only change profiles once a week.

      The GPS has several profiles that you can easily set in the APP:

      1. Live tracking (an update every 15 minutes)
      2. Movement (a notification, 1 hour after the last movement) setting advised by us)
      3. 1 Tracking per day
      4. 1 Tracking per week
      5. Alarm (position is reported when moving)

      Other specifications GPS tracker car

      The tracker can do 4000 tracks on one Battery, the Battery is not rechargeable. The area in which the GPS tracker works is in Europe, Norway and Switzerland. The capacity of the batery is 4.4 Ah, there is an integrated sim with no locks in the tracker. The size of the tracker is 6.4 x 6.4 x 2.3 cm and it weighs 88 grams. Do you have any questions about the Cobblestone GPS tracker car now after reading the above text. Then feel free to contact our customer service team. We also have handy YouTube video on our channel showing you exactly what the (gps) tracker car can be used for.

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