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      Coupling locks for couplings

      Coupling locks to directly block the coupling from unwanted use. Convenient and effective lock to block use of the coupling. Show more



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      Would you like to secure your coupling inexpensively yet effectively? Then a coupling lock is a great option! Besides the well-known underbody Hitchlocks, you can also choose a Coupling lock. Coupling locks, also known as cylinder locks, can be inserted in the recess of the coupling. A Coupling lock is a small but effective means of blocking the coupling from unwanted use by third parties. You insert the Lock into the lever or into the space of the hitch indicators. This prevents the coupling from being coupled. In our range, you will find Coupling locks from different brands such as:

      • AL-KO Coupling locks
      • Knott coupling locks

      Which coupling lock is suitable for your coupling?

      Please note that not every Coupling lock fits every coupling. Take for example an original AL-KO coupling lock (2020704). This coupling lock is suitable for AL-KO couplings type AK161 and AK270. We also have another original AL-KO Coupling lock with article number: 20160344. This coupling lock is suitable for AL-KO couplings type AK301 and AK351. Both these Coupling locks can also be used when the Trailer is coupled and uncoupled. Looking for a universal Coupling lock? Then a regular Coupling lock (2015113) will do. This Coupling lock is suitable for Winterhoff couplings for types WW8, WW13, WW30, WW150 and WW220. The Coupling lock is also suitable for Albe couplings of type WW8, WW13, WW30, WW150 and Berndes EM80, EM150, EM220 EM300 and EM350. In addition, this Coupling lock is also suitable for 1 type of AL-KO couplings, namely the AK7. Finally, it can be used for various Knott couplings of type K7.5D K14C KQ14B K14B KF20 KF27 KF35, KK14A, KK14B, KK14C.

      Coupling lock coupling safety-ball

      Don't want a hook or ball to be forced into the coupling? Then a Coupling lock with a safety-ball is an ideal choice. In addition, a Coupling lock with safety-ball is a practical extra accessory to prevent theft. In addition, a Coupling lock is small and compact, making it easy to store. A Coupling lock with safety ball is easy to use and an inexpensive solution for securing your Trailer, caravan, boat trailer or trailer. Not all Coupling locks come with a safety ball as standard. These can often be easily ordered under the heading 'related products'.

      Maintaining your coupling locks

      Is your Coupling lock jamming or not closing properly? Regularly lubricating your coupling lock with WD40 often works wonders. It is a special lubricant that is ideal for Hitchlocks, but also for Wheel clamps and drawbar locks. WD40 not only lubricates, but also expels moisture and cleans and protects your Coupling lock coupling. We also always recommend lubricating your Coupling lock with WD40 immediately after purchase. Coupling locks and other drawbar locks or wheel clamps are sensitive to light. Do you have questions about our range of coupling locks, or are you not sure whether the coupling lock fits your coupling? Feel free to contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you find the right coupling lock for your coupling.

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