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      Anti-theft bollards and parking brackets

      Handy parking pole and anti-theft parking bracket. Also secured fixing eye for on scaffolding or wall. Show more



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      Buy Anti theft Parking pole

      Unfortunately, trailer theft is still all too common. Especially unbraked trailers are often targeted by thieves. After all, unbraked trailers are not traceable. If you have a trailer that is often parked in the same place, it is wise to buy a parking pole. An anti-theft parking pole is very handy and ensures good protection against theft. A parking bollard needs to be buried. You can also choose to cover it with concrete. This makes it almost impossible to take the Trailer unintentionally. The robust parking pole is of high quality and easy to install. With an anti-theft Parking pole, it becomes very difficult to take the trailer without the key to the Lock. The Parking pole is made of galvanised steel and it requires no maintenance. Our Parking poles weigh 12.1 kg and are suitable for drawbars up to 88 mm wide. Our Parking poles are universal and can therefore be used for almost all (types of) trailers. By using high-quality materials, these bollards can be used professionally for years.ProPlus Omklapbare antiparkeerpaal met slot - grijs/rood

      What kind of anti theft parking poles are there?

      Our product range naturally includes various types of anti-theft parking poles, but which are the most common? 1 of our bestsellers, for example, is a yellow Parking pole with Lock for Trailers and Caravans (2015102). It includes a robust Discus padlock. Looking for an anti theft parking pole especially for v-drivers? Then a galvanised anti-theft parking pole is ideal. You can easily put this around the drawbar of your trailer. This prevents your Trailer from being stolen. There is also a so-called collapsible anti-theft parking bracket. This handy bracket can be folded up. This prevents unwanted use of your parking space. Such a bracket is often bought together with an anti-theft parking pole.

      Mounting an anti-theft parking pole

      Parking pole must be buried and we recommend pouring concrete with it. This makes this trailer parking pole very stable and durable.
      The post including six pegs can be buried up to 35 cm into the ground. The pegs are 10 cm long. When the Parking pole is buried, it still sticks out about one metre above the ground, which is where the trailer can be secured. Do you have further questions about our range of anti theft trailer parking poles? Then feel free to contact our customer service team. We will be happy to think along with you through a no-obligation advice.

      Maintain your anti-theft parking pole

      Notice that the lock of your anti-theft parking pole is difficult to open? This can sometimes be due to two reasons. The Lock and the key may not be properly adjusted to each other. The other reason could be dust or dirt in the Lock. In all these cases, we recommend using WD40. WD40 is a lubricant specially made for Locks. It makes stiff-running parts of a Lock smooth again. It also protects and cleans your anti-theft parking pole. As a result, your anti-theft parking pole will last considerably longer. We ourselves recommend using WD40 immediately after purchasing each Lock. This will ensure the proper functioning of your Lock.

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      Parking poles & parking brackets for trailers

      Parking poles are mostly used to park trailers for a longer period of time. The coupling of the trailer rests on the ball, keeping the trailer firmly in place and sparing any trailer Jockey wheels.

      Parking bar

      ProPlus Inklapbare antiparkeerbeugel met slotFold-down anti-parking bars are used for the same purpose as anti-parking posts. The advantage of anti-parking bollards over posts is that they are wider, so you sometimes need two anti-parking posts and only one anti-parking bracket.


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