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      Trailer locks as protection against theft

      Which trailer lock do you use to lock the Trailer or caravan? We offer a wide range of trailer locks and additional security to protect against theft. All available directly from stock. Show more



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      Safety - AL-KO AK161 & AK270 - SCM
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      Condor - SCM Hitchlock

      Condor - SCM Hitchlock

      Universal, not suitable for AL-KO
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      Robstop WS 3000 anti-theft lock
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      Tow lock - rear door security
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      Safety - AK161 & AK270
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      AK301 Fixed Lock - SCM - 2x horizontal M12
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      Trailer lock or wheel clamp? Always safely park your trailer.

      We offer a wide range of different types of trailer locks and unapproved trailer locks for your trailer or trailer. Below, you can read more about the different types of trailer lock we offer. Not sure what you need? Then feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you. With more than a million trailers and caravans on the road, theft unfortunately occurs. Every owner is naturally keen to prevent this from happening with a good trailer lock. Especially unbraked trailers are in demand because they are not registered. For some years now, unbraked trailers have had licence plates and this makes a significant difference to the theft figures. Nevertheless, locking the trailer or caravan is a must. There are a lot of ways to secure your Trailer. A Hitchlock is the most commonly chosen. We list all the options for trailer locks:

      What trailer locks are there?

      • Hitchlocks
      • SCM approved locks
      • Parking poles
      • Padlocks
      • Discus padlocks
      • Coupling locks/insert locks
      • Wheel clamps
      • GPS trackers

      A Hitchlock as a trailer lock

      A Hitchlock is a trailer lock that is placed on the coupling. This prevents unwanted coupling or uncoupling of the Trailer. This type of trailer lock is the most commonly used and comes in many varieties. For example, you can get a Hitchlock with fixed mounting, the so-called Fixed Lock locks, but they are also available in tube variant. It is then a personal choice where you prefer, what your budget is and whether the insurer has additional requirements for the Hitchlocks.

      Trailer lock SCM approved from Doublelock

      If you want to insure your trailer or caravan at all risks, there are often additional requirements for security. For example, it must have an approved SCM trailer lock. This means that the trailer lock is tested according to a standard that slows down theft. This works both preventively and actively to reduce the risk of theft. Our range of approved SCM Locks has been carefully selected and are only premium quality locks from reputable brands. Doublelock SCM Locks are our best-selling approved SCM locks. You attach the underride locks once to your Trailer coupling. You can then easily loosen and secure the trailer lock using the padlock provided. Keep in mind that the Trailer lock must not be locked while driving (emergency services must be able to disconnect trailers at all times). To prevent the trailer lock from rattling while driving, a locking pin is supplied, which you can place in place of the trailer lock while driving.

      Tip: The Fixed lock selection for fixed mounting has a separate padlock. This means you never have a large trailer lock that you have to detach and store in a Drawbar box.

      Trailer lock from AL-KO

      We would like to highlight this brand-specific trailer lock. For every specific coupling, AL-ko has a trailer lock that specifically fits the coupling. So if you know which coupling is on your trailer, you also know exactly which trailer lock you need. It always fits and comes in an SCM approved version or safety compact version which is unapproved.

      Types of AL-KO trailer locks:

      • Safety
      • Safety Premium
      • Safety Compact
      • Universal AL-KO coupling locks
      • SCM approved underride locks
      • Coupling locks (with safety ball)

      Other types of trailer locks

      We recently expanded our range with Parking poles. These are anti theft posts to which you can attach the trailer or caravan. This keeps it fixed in place. This is also widely used for rental trailers, for example. For unbraked trailers, bracket locks are also available as Hitchlocks. This is a trailer lock that you clamp over the nose of the coupling. The sliding lock is slid over the edge of the unbraked coupling, thus securing it against being hitched. Coupling locks are cylinder locks that can be inserted into the recess of the coupling. This prevents it from being unlocked to couple or uncouple the Trailer. These come in a standard version that you can insert in the handle or type-specific that you can insert in the slot of the hitch indicator. Wheel clamps are available unapproved but also SCM approved of course. As a traditional steel wheel clamp but also as a chain lock.

      Trailer lock maintenance

      Because Trailer locks normally come into contact with moisture and the like, it is important to maintain them properly. We recommend treating Locks regularly with WD40. For more information about trailer locks, you can of course contact our customer service. We will then work with you to find a suitable trailer lock.

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