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      Mudguards Tandem Trailer

      The complete range of Mudguards for a Tandem trailer/trailer. All available directly from stock. Show more



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      Mudguards Anssems 1400x220x350 mm
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      Mudguards Hapert 1500x240x410 mm
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      Mudguards Anssems 1520x230x400 mm
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      Mudguards Hapert 1550x220x375 mm
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      Spatbord Anssems 1580x230x400 mm
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      Wide range of Mudguards for Tandem trailers available directly from stock - simply order a mudguard for a Tandem trailer - cheap and fast delivery

      The complete range of Mudguards for Tandem trailers

      For twin axle trailers, you need different mudguards than for single axle trailers. This is because the Tandem trailer mudguard is larger than the standard mudguard. The Tandem trailer mudguard can be found on closed trailers and box-bodies. Every box-body trailer with Tandem Axles is equipped with a Tandem mudguard. Because this protrudes from the trailer and is subject to wear, it has to be replaced occasionally. A Tandem trailer mudguard is attached to the outside of the trailer body and goes over both wheels. The mudguard can be attached to the trailer with brackets or screwed to the flat side of the chassis.

      You have a choice between steel, Plastic and aluminium chequer plate mudguards by use. This depends on the wish for weight, use and, of course, price. Don't forget to order the mounting materials as well! Trailers, as you know, have to meet various requirements. Mudguards also fall under these requirements, so they are required by law. The position of the wheels is very important to pay attention to, as the wheels should not protrude from the Trailer's Mudguards. Mudguards are also very important for safety. Mudguards prevent you from coming into direct contact with the wheels. So the wheels remain well protected.

      Metal or Plastic Mudguards Tandem Trailer?

      Mudguards for Tandem trailers come in different materials. With Plastic, a big advantage is that it is light material and relatively flexible. Another big advantage is that the Plastic Mudguard Tandem Trailer has no sharp edges. Metal mudguards, for instance, do have this. In terms of durability, Plastic is of course very suitable because it cannot rust and because no dents get into the mudguards. So they last longer.

      The big advantage of Metal mudguards Tandem trailers is that these mudguards are a lot stronger than Plastic mudguards. This is because Metal Mudguards are made of strong galvanised steel. Mudguards made of galvanised steel are available in five-sided or round shapes. We also have extra-solid aluminium checker plate mudguards. You can even stand on these if the Mudguards are securely attached to the Trailer with brackets. Perhaps a bit more expensive, but it gives the Trailer a tough look and they are very durable!

      Mounting materials & mud flaps for Tandem trailer mudguards

      We have the right mounting materialsfor all Mudguards in our range. For example, supports and carriage bolts for the Trailer. We also have various mud flaps available for the mudguards.

      What size mudguard Tandem Trailer do I need?

      The size of the mudguard is determined by the size of the wheel. We sell mudguards in many different sizes. The dimensions of the Mudguards are of course listed with each article.

      For questions about the Mudguards or Mounting materials, please contact our customer service. Who are happy to be at your disposal!

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