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      Plastic Mudguards for trailers

      Our range of Mudguards in Plastic available directly from stock. Determine the correct Mudguard according to the Inch size of the wheel. Show more



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      Mudguards 10-inch 610x160x250 mm
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      Buying a Plastic Mudguard Trailer

      Mudguards are on every trailer. Mudguards serve for safety and offer protection in case of splashing dirt. A Plastic mudguard is made of lightweight material. Using as many lightweight materials as possible for a trailer keeps the gross payload highest. While the lightweight Plastic (PE) material is very sturdy and hard, it is not strong enough to stand on, a Plastic Mudguard is only meant to protect against water and other dirt. Because the mudguards protrude from the side of the loading bay, the mudguards are vulnerable. If you drive into something, chances are the Mudguards are damaged. These then need to be replaced. At aanhangwagendirect.nl, all Mudguards are available directly from stock. We have Plastic Mudguards suitable for 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch and 13-inch trailers. As you probably already know, trailers have to meet many different requirements. And a Plastic mudguard is one of them. Mudguards are required by law. The most important thing to pay attention to is the position of the wheels. This is because the wheels must not protrude in relation to the mudguards. A Plastic mudguard also serves safety. Mudguards prevent you from coming into direct contact with the wheels. The Anssems GT versions come with Plastic Mudguards. These are closed trailers and box trailers. These are used here because these trailers are usually not used for heavy jobs. Mudguards are also chosen for their sleek look.

      Mudguards are required by law

      Which Plastic mudguard do I need?

      We sell Plastic Mudguards in many different sizes and for every inch size. The size of the mudguards is determined by the size of the wheel. For example, with an 8-inch wheel often used with box trucks or folding trailers, the mudguard is smaller than with a 13-inch wheel. The dimensions of the Plastic Mudguards are also listed with each item. Plastic mudguards are not the only type of mudguard we offer. Our range also includes aluminium and Metal Mudguards. These are heavier but logically also stronger but less flexible. Mudguards are mandatory but the choice of material is free. All Aanhangwagendirect.nl mudguards meet the legal requirements. Not sure which Plastic Mudguards are suitable for your Trailer? Then feel free to contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you choose the right Plastic mudguard.

      The advantages of a Plastic mudguard

      The main advantage of a Plastic mudguard for trailers is that it is a light, relatively flexible material. Nevertheless, Plastic is strong. Another big advantage is that Plastic Mudguards cannot have sharp edges. Plastic is also a durable material which of course cannot rust, nor can dents get into the mudguards. A trailer with two Axles has different mudguards. These are larger than the standard mudguards for single-axle trailers. Trailers that can have Tandem Mudguards are: closed trailers and box trucks. Plastic mudguards can be attached in various ways. Supports, mounting materials (a self-assembly set of bolts) and a mounting bracket are available for this. You can also mount a Plastic Mudguard with screws or blind rivets.

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