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      Drawbar boxes & Drawbar bins

      Drawbar box made of Plastic and aluminium - Premium quality - Underbody and overhead drawbar boxes - Each drawbar box Available directly from stock. Show more



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      Stabilo mounting kit - substructure
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      Box with handles - superstructure
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      De Haan Box PBV - superstructure
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      De Haan Box S - superstructure
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      € 233,95
      De Haan Box M - superstructure
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      € 279,-
      € 247,95
      De Haan Box L - superstructure
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      De Haan Box U - superstructure
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      De Haan Box I - superstructure
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      De Haan Box IN - superstructure
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      De Haan Box WX - superstructure
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      De Haan Box HUW - superstructure
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      De Haan Box W - superstructure
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      Whether you call it a Drawbar box, Drawbar box or tiller; we have the best solution for your Trailer!

      It is always handy to have (lashing) straps with you, and of course the Hitchlock needs a place too. A Drawbar box is the most ideal way to store all loose equipment. You can also lock it, of course. An aluminium drawbar box is stronger but also a bit heavier than a Plastic drawbar box. The preference depends on which materials you want to store in the Drawbar box and what you want to spend on a Drawbar box. Aluminium Drawbar boxes are also available with a low height so that the front board of a flatbed truck can still be opened.

      A drawbar box is the most ideal way to store all loose material.

      Plastic gas bottle locker

      In our range, you will find various Plastic Drawbar boxes. Every Drawbar box is available from stock and competitively priced. The advantage of a Plastic pedestal box is that it is relatively light and therefore suitable for undermounting. The most popular undercarriage box is our Stabilo 510x340x300 mm,this box has inlets on both sides that are used to mount the box to the chassis under the Trailer. The Stabilo drawbar box comes with integrated Lock with a cover over it that protects the lock from water and dirt. Are you looking for a waterproof Drawbar box? Then we recommend the Profibox Plus. This box is made of Plastic (PP) and IP55 approved. Thanks to the overlapping lid and raised inner edge, water has no chance. All parts of this box are made of Plastic so rusting is not an issue.

      The advantages of a Plastic tiller box:

      • Suitable for mounting as a substructure (Stabilo 510x340x300 mm)
      • Rustproof
      • Completely watertight

      Aluminium Drawbar boxes (checker plate)

      We offer a wide range of aluminium gas bottle lockers. The big advantage of these aluminium Drawbar boxes is that they are super-strong and do not rust. This also makes them ideal for storing tools, for example. Most aluminium Drawbar boxes are also fitted with a lock or the possibility of using a padlock. This way, the aluminium drawbar box can be securely locked and you can store your tools or Wheel clamps, for example, with peace of mind. This type of Toolbox is often used on luggage trailers and trailers. You can also use them for on a boat trailer or folding trailer to nicely store those holiday things. We stock aluminium boxes in various sizes, large, small, low & high.

      Drawbar box mounting options

      Drawbar boxes have considerably less space than high ones. We recommend a low drawbar box if you have a folding front cover you want to hide it under. We recommend measuring how much space there is between the hinge of the tailgate/front cover and the top of the drawbar. To keep the front board free, you can of course also mount the drawbar box under the loading floor of a platform trailer. We use 4-hole anchor plates for this.

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