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      (Lashing) straps for motorbike and car transport

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      Buy (Lashing) straps for car transport

      When you have a Trailer, you often use (Lashing) straps. So we sell specific (lashing) straps for car transport which are 3-piece and will not damage the Rims.

      Of course, we also have normal Ratchet straps with a buckle and car transport straps with a ratchet. All in different weight classes and strengths. So you will always find the right (lashing) strap. (Lashing) straps are super handy for securing your load in a convenient way. We sell (Lashing) straps from the following brands:

      • AWD
      • Acebikes
      • Novio
      • ProPlus

      Do you have questions about our range of (Lashing) straps for car transport? Or are you not entirely sure whether a particular (lashing) strap is suitable for your application? Then feel free to contact our customer service team. We will be happy to give you advice without any obligation.

      Ratcheted and non-ratcheted (lashing) straps

      Ratchet straps are the lightest lashing straps in our range. They are almost the most commonly used (lashing) straps for car transport. The buckle makes it easy to create a loop. So you can pull it tight with hand force. (Lashing) straps with a fixed ratchet are useful for securing bicycles, surfboards and other types of cargo. We do not recommend this type of (lashing) straps for motorbikes, scooters or boats. It is better to use a 2 tonne lashing strap with loose ratchet and hook. If you want to be sure that your lashing straps can handle the maximum weight of your cargo, just look at the colour of the straps. For example, an orange ratchet (lashing) strap can hold 5000 kg. We also have these available in a 2-piece version and the car transport version can have 3000 kg.

      Car transport (lashing) straps

      Planning to transport heavy loads like a car? For that, you need to use real powerhouses of (lashing) straps. Special (lashing) straps for car transport have been developed for these applications. These can, of course, also be found in our product range. With these (Lashing) straps, a car can not only be properly and securely fastened to the wheels, but also without any chance of damaging the Rims. If you want to transport a car on a car ambulance, you should always tie it to the Rims of the car because the suspension may collapse during transport.

      Buy motorbike (Lashing) straps

      Do you own a motorbike? Then you obviously want to transport it safely and undamaged. By using motorbike lashing (lashing) straps, you ensure extra stability and prevent your motorbike from shifting during the ride. To secure your motorbike with car transport (lashing) straps, you need at least two fixing points. There are also special (lashing) straps for the rear wheel of your motorbike. This type of motorbike lashing strap is also called a wheel harness. These wheel harnesses fit almost any wheel size and can be placed on the front or rear wheel of your motorbike. Our wheel harnesses feature special friction materials for maximum safety during transport. They are also easy to mount and remove. Thanks to the included carrying bag, you can also store them nicely and take them with you again. In short, with these wheel harnesses you can transport your motorbike with peace of mind. Would you like to attach (lashing) straps to your motorbike handlebars? Then the Ratchet Strap Deluxe Duo from the Acebikes brand is a good choice. These (Lashing) straps are equipped with rubber-coated hooks and artificial sheep's wool covers. This way, your bike's handlebars won't get damaged.

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