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      Trailer tarpaulin

      Wide range of tarpaulins for trailers - waterproof and UV protection - order trailer tarpaulins online Show more



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      Wide range of trailer tarpaulins - waterproof and UV protection - order trailer tarpaulins online.

      Trailer tarpaulin

      Here you will find our full range of tarpaulins/covers for trailers and remorques. Our tarpaulins are made of polyethene (PE); PE is strong, flexible and waterproof. You can easily buy a trailer tarpaulin from us with a payment method of your choice.

      Our trailer tarpaulins have reinforced Plastic corners and Metal fixing lugs all around to ensure a long service life.

      We recommend PE tarpaulins, which are durable and flexible.

      Waterproof trailer tarpaulin

      Of course it is nice to be able to transport loads in a dry and clean environment. A trailer tarpaulin is of course perfect for this.

      Our tarpaulins are made of high-quality PE, making them durable and waterproof. The weight of these tarpaulins is 100 or 170 grams per square metre, which could be considered a heavy-duty tarpaulin. There are also many tarpaulins for sale that are made of PVC, the disadvantage of PVC is that it is harder and stiffer, also PVC is toxic if you burn it.


      • Our tarpaulins are suitable for all makes and types of trailers such as Anssems, Eduard, Temaredand Saris.
      • Our tarpaulins are used in many cases to provide a waterproof cover for a trailer's load. Tarpaulins are also often used to cover boats, trampolines and ponds.
      • If you don't want a waterproof cover for the load on your trailer and want to make sure it drains well, we recommend fine-meshed or wide-meshed netting.

      Attaching tarpaulin to trailer

      Most trailers have attachment points all around (eyes or hooks). Here you can easily attach a tarpaulin cover to the trailer using elastic bands or tarpaulin tensioners.

      Trailer tarpaulin compulsory

      In the Netherlands, it is compulsory to cover divisible loads on trailers. You have to do this with a net or tarpaulin for trailers. Of course, you can get a tarpaulin from Action, Gamma, Hornbach, Karwei or Praxis, for example, but we advise you to buy one from us. We offer high-quality tarpaulins at competitive prices. We will be happy to help you find the right tarpaulin for you.

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