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      Load securing points

      Various fastening points to secure your cargo such as floor rings, fastening eyes, brackets and various types of hooks and fasteners. Show more



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      Fastening ring on base 100x14 mm
      In stock
      Floor anchor for Anssems PSX and Hulco Medax
      In stock
      Mounting eye for rail with spring 900 DaN
      In stock
      Rails for load securing á 1 metre
      In stock
      S-hook 40x4 mm
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      S-hook 70x7 mm
      In stock

      Trailer load securing points

      Are your current floor rings in need of replacement? Or have you lost some rope hooks during a trip? Here you will find everything you need to secure your load properly and safely (again). Tie hooks, lashing eyes, floor rings, cargo securing rails, s-hooks, telescopic rods, rope hooks, pulleys, brackets and much more! Do you have questions about our range of cargo securing points? Or do you need advice? Then please contact our customer service team. Don't see a desired load securing point listed? Feel free to contact us. Who knows, we may be able to get the item.

      Load on your trailer must not tip or slide

      Galvanised lashing eye

      There is also a German-style floor ring/lashing eye, which you can mount in the floor as desired. You can do this by means of 2 bolts. The holes are already prepared in the product. A german 2-part lashing eye is a sturdy piece of steel for safely securing your load. Not sure which floor ring you need? It is often not laid down which floor ring is best to use. This often depends on the type of load you plan to transport. When securing pallets, for example, it is best to use a 2 tonne lashing eye, but for heavy loads, such as machinery or steel coils, you will need a heavier floor ring. In addition, we also have recessed floor rings. A recessed floor ring has a top layer that protects the lashing eye from possible rusting.

      Trailer tie-down hooks

      If you own a trailer net, rope hooks are actually indispensable. Some Trailer nets come with their own hooks, but some do not. A hook for elastic or rope (weld-on version) is then a great solution and also the most commonly bought tying hook. These are ungalvanised rope hooks that you can easily weld onto the chassis. With this rope hook, you can also order tension elastics or tension rubbers, for example.

      Telescopic rod

      A telescopic bar for your trailer is often very efficient and safe for load handling. This is because you can adjust a telescopic rod to the right length yourself and attach it to the tie rail of your trailer, trailer or semi-trailer with end stops. Sliding cargo is an eyesore for any carrier. That is why it is very important to anchor your cargo properly. In our range of load securing points, you will find telescopic rods in various lengths. For example, there is a telescopic rod from 2350 > 2760 mm, but also from 1410 > 1830 mm. You can easily expand these with the required rails for load securing. You can easily order these too under the heading 'related products'.

      Laws and regulations of securing points and cargo securing

      You are legally obliged to secure your load properly and safely. This may sound logical, but nothing could be further from the truth. Many people still think that a heavy load will stay in place because of its weight. Any load that is not properly secured can move. Dutch regulations state that the load should not fall off the Trailer under normal circumstances. Think about braking and swerve. It is therefore also important to equip your Trailer with good quality securing points, so that your load is and stays well secured.

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