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      Trailer marking signs

      Reflective signs for trailers, caravans and trucks - marker signs long load - slow traffic - wide range and cheap Show more



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      Trailer marking signs

      If you drive a truck, trailer, caravan, trailer, long load or slow traffic, you probably need reflective signs. We sell reflective signs for trailers, trailers, caravans and trucks - marking signs long load - slow traffic - wide range and cheap

      Different types of trailer marking signs

      In our range, we sell four different types of marking signs.

      Protruding load:

      You need a protruding load marker sign if your load protrudes more at the front or rear than is legally permitted. It features parallel running diagonal stripes alternating between white and red, with a width of no more than 10cm and no less than 7cm. For a trailer, it is not allowed to have cargo protruding from the front. When transporting at night, you must have at least one red light at the rear and a white light at the front marked. This is to clearly show that you have a protruding load.

      Slow traffic:

      The red marking triangle is made to show that your vehicle cannot or should not go faster than 25km/h. So you will often see this sign on the back of a tractor or forklift truck.

      Trailer marking stickers:

      A trailer or caravan may have a marking sticker with an open yellow area with an orange border. But beware, in Spain since April 2011 this sticker is mandatory if the combination (car + trailer/caravan) is longer than 12 metres or has a total weight of 3500kg or more.

      Livestock transport sign:

      A sign with 'livestock transport' on it is not compulsory for private individuals. However, if there is an economic activity so, for example, commercial transport, the sign is required. The purpose of this is so that other traffic and authorities can take it into account. When transporting livestock, it sometimes happens that animals escape from the transport vehicle or are injured during an accident. Other road users can anticipate this if they know what is on board your Trailer. So a livestock transport sign is useful even if you are a private individual.

      Protruding load (un)divisible markings

      A divisible load may protrude a maximum of one metre at the rear and the load may protrude a maximum of 5 metres from the centre of the rear axle. The marking of this load is not required. The divisible load may not protrude at the front of the trailer. An indivisible load may not project more than 0.5 times the length of the vehicle (with a maximum of five metres from the centre of the rear axle) in the case of trailers. If this load does protrude more than one metre, you will need a long load marking sign. An indivisible load, like a divisible load, may not protrude at the front.

      Protruding cargo in width

      A load may protrude in width provided the total width of the trailer is no more than three metres, if it does then it is not allowed to protrude. If the load protrudes more than 10 cm on one side or both sides, it must be marked in red and white. The marking signs should be attached transversely to the load at a maximum height of 170 cm and a minimum height of 35 cm. At night, marking should be done with white lights at the front and red at the back.

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