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      Reflective tape for trailers

      Available per metre or as a full roll - for hard and soft floors - wide range, competitive prices and fast delivery - white - red - orange/yellow Show more



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      Tape - 50 metres - white - soft ground
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      Tape - 50 metres - white - hard surface
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      Tape - 50 metres - yellow - soft ground
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      Tape - per metre - red - soft ground
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      Tape - 50 metres - red - soft ground
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      Tape - per metre - red - hard surface
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      Tape - 50 metres - red - hard surface
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      Reflective tape for marking on trailers

      Avery's excellent reflective tape increases the visibility of trucks, lorries and trailers at night. This tape is incredibly durable and will stay perfectly in place for years. When attaching, make sure the surface is clean and flat to ensure the tape adheres well.

      Reflective marking tape for trailers and trucks

      Suitable for vehicle marking of trailers complying with the strict European ECE- 104 Class C road traffic legislation. AanhangwagenDirect.nl supplies this tape at absolute rock-bottom prices per running metre or on a 50-metre roll, thus responding to changing legislation on vehicle marking and road safety.

      Since July 2008, all new trucks with a maximum load capacity of at least 7.5 tonnes have been obliged to equip the vehicle with this European approved vehicle marking. This also applies to all trailers with a load capacity of at least 3.5 tonnes.

      Since 10 July 2011, it is also mandatory on all newly registered trucks and trailers that meet the above criteria. So these are, for example, imported trucks from abroad.

      There are two approved reflective tape types we have in our range:

      • Avery V-6700B Reflective tape for hard surfaces
      • Avery V-6750B Reflective tape for flexible substrates

      Avery V -6700B Hard-surfaced reflective tape

      This tape has a lifetime of at least 7 years and has the following properties:

      Unique adhesive layer
      • Easy and fast application without loss of material.
      • The adhesive layer builds up to a permanent bond, making the tape repositionable.
      Reflective Performance UN/ECE-104 Class C approved
      • Approved to the European specification for reflective materials for trucks and trailers.
      • Achieves very high reflectance values, especially at higher angles of incidence (e.g. 60º).
      Unique prism technology
      • A structure of prisms in squares in different orientations.
      • Homogeneous reflection both horizontally, vertically and diagonally.
      Special composition
      • Three chemically bonded layers making the product thin, flexible and very strong.
      • Water and dirt cannot enter after cutting or damaging the product.
      • Contains no air cells.
      Acrylic construction
      • The acrylic top layer has outstanding stability.
      • The construction ensures over 7 years of proven longevity worldwide.

      Avery V-6750B Reflective tape for flexible surfaces

      A special reflective tape that is flexible has been developed for trailers equipped with a tarpaulin, for example. This series is Avery's V-6750 series. Also with the well-known EC 104 approval and the legal applicability is the same as the reflective tape for a hard surface.

      How should the reflective tape be applied?

      • Rear: The entire perimeter should be taped if the vehicle is wider than 2.1 metres. This may be either red or yellow
      • Side: For the sides, at least 80% of the total length must be covered. If the truck or trailer is longer than 6 metres, the corners at the top must also be marked.

      Optionally, the entire side can be marked as shown below. The permitted colours of tape for the side are white and yellow.

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