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      Reflectors, tape and signs

      Reflectors, tape and signs

      Check out our full range of Reflectors, special cargo signs and reflective tape for trailers and semi-trailers - delivered cheaply and quickly.

      The three products to be even more visible on the road. Besides normal Lights, Reflectors, reflective tape and reflective signs are the best way to show yourself. Reflectors are compulsory on every vehicle, so it is handy to have one or more as an extra in case something breaks. After all, an accident is in a small corner.

      Reflectors for trailers and semi-trailers

      Reflectors are compulsory on all trailers, here is a small list of them:

      Red (triangle) reflectors

      At the rear, 2 reflectors are compulsory. These must be red and the installation height is minimum 350mm, maximum 1500mm (as an exception: 2100mm only if two additional Rear lamps are not installed). Installation height of the additional Rear lamps: minimum 600mm above the mandatory Rear lamps. The distribution is as follows: a maximum of 400mm from the furthest point of the width of the vehicle. This does not apply to the additional Rear lamps. There must be a minimum of 600mm between the two Rear lamps, but a minimum of 400mm if the vehicle is less than 1300mm wide.

      White Reflectors

      At the front of the trailer, 2 white reflectors are mandatory. The shape of the reflectors must not be triangular. The installation height is minimum 250mm and maximum 900mm (except 1500mm). The spacing between them is minimum 600mm and maximum 1500mm between both reflectors but minimum 400mm for trailers narrower than 1300mm.

      Yellow/orange reflectors

      On the sides of the trailer, at least one reflector is mandatory in the middle 30% of the trailer. The installation height is the same as white reflectors and the distribution is, no more than three metres from the front (including drawbar), no more than one metre from the rear. No more than three metres between reflectors.

      Reflective marking tape for your Trailer

      Avery reflective tape increases the visibility of trucks, lorries and trailers at night. This tape will last for years as it is incredibly durable. When attaching, make sure that the surface is flat and clean to ensure the best possible adhesion of the tape.

      The reflective marking tape is suitable for trailer vehicle markings that complies with the strict European ECE-104 Class C road traffic legislation. At absolute rock-bottom prices, Aanhangwagendirect.nl supplies this tape per running metre or on a 50-metre roll, thus responding to changing legislation on vehicle marking and road safety.

      The reflective tape must be applied across the entire circumference of the rear if the vehicle is wider than 2.1 metres. This may be in either yellow or red. For the side, at least 80% of the total length must be covered. If the trailer or truck is longer than 6 metres, the corners at the top must also be marked. Optionally, the entire perimeter of the side can be marked. The permitted colours of tape for the side are yellow and white.

      Reflective trailer marking signs

      You have probably seen it before, a reflective sign on the back of a truck, caravan, trailer, trailer or on a long load and slow traffic. Different signs are assigned for this, for example, a vehicle that cannot or may not exceed 25km/h has a red triangle on the back. On a trailer, there must be an open yellow area with an orange border. And if a load sticks out more at the front or rear than is legally allowed then a white marker sign with slanted red stripes is placed on the rear of the vehicle in question. Our site also has a sign with 'livestock transport' on it. This is not required for private individuals. If there is commercial transport, the sign is required. If the combination of the towing vehicle and the trailer/trailer/caravan/etc. is longer than 12 metres, you are required to place 2 marking signs at the rear.

      Marking in case of protruding load in width

      Note: divisible cargo may not protrude at the sides.

      Cargo may protrude in width provided the total width of the trailer does not exceed 3 metres; if this is the case, it is not permitted to let cargo protrude. If the load sticks out more than 10 cm on one side or both sides, it must be marked in red and white. The marking signs should be attached transversely to the load at a minimum height of 35 cm and a maximum height of 170 cm. At night, marking must be done with Lights; white in front and red at the rear.

      Marking for (IN)PARTICULAR protruding cargo front and rear

      Divisible cargo may not project more than 1 metre at the rear and cargo may not project more than 5 metres from the centre of the rear axle. Marking this divisible load is not mandatory. At the front of the trailer, divisible cargo may not protrude. For trailers, indivisible cargo may not protrude more than 0.5 times the length of the vehicle (with a maximum of 5 metres from the centre of the rear axle). If this load protrudes more than 1 metre, it must be fitted with a marking sign for long cargo. It is not permissible for indivisible cargo to protrude from the front as with divisible cargo.

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