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      Aspöck Rear lamps for Trailer

      Aspock Lights - Rear lamps - MultiLED, Minipoint, Midipoint, Multipoint, Earpoint and Agripoint - 7 and 13 pole - LED and bulbs Show more



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      Aspock Multipoint 1 right - 5-pole connector
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      Aspock Multipoint 2 right - 5-pole connector
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      Aspock Multipoint 3 right - 5-pole connector
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      Aspock Multipoint 5 right - 5-pole connector
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      Buy Premium aspock Rear lamps

      Fitted by almost all manufacturers as standard ex-factory. And not without reason. Functionality and durability are second to none. Naturally, we also carry most of the Aspock lamp range. Aspock Multipoint Lights are almost the most common type of Rear lamps on trailers and semi-trailers. Being properly visible through Lights is an important aspect with regard to road safety. Aspock plays a major role in this and it is therefore no wonder that well-known trailer manufacturers such as Eduard, have fitted their trailers with aspock lights as standard. An aspock rear lamp comes with aspock connectors in most cases. You can therefore easily connect an aspock rear lamp thanks to the simple connection system. This makes replacing a defective aspock rear lamp easy. We recommend replacing your aspock rear lamp or Earpoint rear lamps with the same model. Only need an aspock rear light glass or would you rather have a complete set of Lights? Of course you can do that too!

      Our aspock rear lamp models:

      • MultiLED
      • Minipoint
      • Midipoint
      • Multipoint
      • Earpoint
      • Agripoint

      Buying an Aspock LED Rear lamp

      LED lights are a must in this day and age. More and more people are choosing led aspock lights. Not only do such led aspock Rear lamps look sleek, but they are also very durable because they have more burning hours than ordinary light bulbs. Thanks to an aspock LED Rear lamp, your Trailer will be well noticed from a long distance away. This is therefore very safe when driving through bad weather.

      The advantages of aspock LED lights:

      • LED lights are robust and will not break down due to vibrations.
      • Many more burning hours than normal bulbs
      • Very bright light
      • Internal contact points can oxidise with normal lamps, an LED aspock Rear lamp does not
      • Your Trailer stands out much more (also during heavy rain and dark places)
      • LED lights do not get hot

      Aspock LED Rear lamps with built-in resistors

      When you are going to replace your aspock Rear lamps for an LED variant, sometimes malfunctions can occur. This is because the new lights are sometimes not properly recognised by the car's on-board computer. LED lights are energy-efficient, which is why so-called CANBUS malfunctions sometimes occur. Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell in advance which cars this may occur in, as the brand and even type may vary. Fortunately, you can easily remedy this by mounting loose resistors on the ground, for example. However, we also sell LED aspock Rear lamps with built-in resistors. Take a Fristom LED Rear lamp, for example. This has a built-in SMART device which prevents interference with the car's canbus. So you don't need any extra resistors or control box for this!

      The advantages of an LED aspock Rear lamp with built-in resistors:

      • Prevents any interference with the car's canbus
      • No extra resistors or control box needed
      • Fully compatible with Aspock Wiring harnesses

      Would you like to know more about an (led) aspock Rear lamp, but still doubt which one is suitable for your trailer? Then feel free to contact our customer service team! We will be happy to help you through a no-obligation consultation.

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