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      Trailer number plate lights

      Want to buy licence plate lights? It is compulsory to equip your Trailer with properly functioning Number plate lights. We have a wide range of number plate lights for trailers, caravans and horse trailers. Show more



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      Buy Licence plate lights

      You are obliged to equip your trailer with licence plate lights. Licence plate lights ensure that the licence plate of the trailer or other trailer is clearly visible in the dark. This is because it must be legible on the road from a distance of 20 metres. Lights on your trailer's licence plate are compulsory in Belgium and in the Netherlands working lights are an MOT inspection requirement. In fact, incorrect number plate lights or the lack of number plate lights can result in a fine. Some Rear lamps sometimes already include standard licence plate lighting, which means you do not have to fit separate licence plate lights yourself. So if you are in the process of buying new Lights for your trailer, it is useful to take this into account. If you do not have integrated licence plate lights, you can easily order them from our range here. Do you happen to be looking for a licence plate holder for your trailer? In our range, we have a licence plate holder with integrated Lights. In addition, all our licence plate Lights are splash-proof.

      Our license plate lights brands:

      • Aspock Licence Plate Lights
      • Radex license plate lights
      • WAS

      Number plate lights 12V for trailers

      Number plate lights can be used for different types of vehicles such as a trailer, truck, caravan, boat trailer and truck. It is important to consider the voltage of the lamp. A truck or truck runs on 24V and a Trailer on 12V. You can also use Number plate lights from 10-30V (multivolt). However, the voltage of the bulb says nothing about the light output. The total light output at both voltages is 100%.

      Licence plate lights LED

      Would you like to switch to sustainable Number plate lights? Then licence plate LED lights are an ideal option! Advantages that licence plate LED lights have over ordinary light bulbs are their long life, burn time, appearance and quality. Your license plate lights should also be brightly lit. Licence plate LED lights provide very bright light, making them easier to see even during heavy rain. But besides these many advantages, led number plate lights also simply provide a very sleek 'look' for your trailer. You can also easily connect our licence plate lights LED with an Aspock flat cable and DC connectors.

      The benefits of licence plate LED lights:

      • More light output
      • Many more burning hours
      • LED bulbs do not get warm
      • Very bright light
      • LED lights on license plates do not break down due to vibrations
      • No oxidation in the contact points of the LED lights

      How do you connect licence plate lighting to the Trailer?

      Fortunately, replacing or renewing number plate lights is a piece of cake. Our range of Number plate lights is plug & play! Lights are protected against reverse polarity connection. This means that it does not matter if the plus (+) and minus (-) are connected the wrong way round. Would you like more information about our range of Number plate lights? Or are you not quite sure whether you should choose ordinary number plate lights or LED lights? Then feel free to contact our customer service team. We will be happy to help you choose the right licence plate lighting. Need help installing your number plate lights? We can help you too!

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