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      Trailer marker lights

      They are the lights that often break down due to manoeuvring but are still mandatory to carry. Use the handy broadside lights on rubber flexible base to easily back in. Show more



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      Wide beams left and right - Red/White - 2 pieces
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      Buy Marker lights and Trailer width lights

      Being highly visible in traffic increases road safety. This is especially true for wide trailers, trailers, agricultural vehicles and trucks where width lighting is a requirement. Trailers wider than 2.10 are required to carry marker lights. These must have white lights to the front and red trailer lights to the rear. If an indivisible load protrudes more than 1 metre, it must be indicated by a marking sign. Lights commonly used are the red/white width lights at the rear of the Trailer. Often also on a rubber base so the lamp is not immediately broken if you accidentally drive into something. Optionally, there is also an orange lamp that shines sideways. These marking lights are available as normal lights with Festoon bulbs or as LED lights.

      Brands and types of width trailer lights in our range:

      • Aspock flexipoint
      • Aspock Flatpoint
      • Radex
      • Squarepoint
      • Hella

      Red and orange trailer width lights

      The red front position lamps must always shine to the rear and may be placed on the rear of the Trailer if they are not already required by Article 5 .13.51. It may then also be installed as a rear side reflector. Orange side-marker lamps must be mounted on the side. These width trailer lights are available in various makes and designs. On a holder or as flat as possible in LED versions such as the Flatpoint lights.

      Trailer width lights mandatory if wider than 160 cm!

      White trailer width lights

      The white width lights must always shine forward on the trailer. Combination lights are often mounted at the rear but pure white lights always shine at the front of the Trailer. These can also be mounted on a bracket and are of course also available in LED. LED width lights are a handy way to increase the visibility of your trailer or vehicle. Take the Aspock Flexipoint LED, for example. Not only does this width light provide a sublime light, it also features an IP6K9K rating, making it waterproof. In addition, this LED width lamp includes a DC cable. If you want to connect 2 flat cables, you can easily do so with a special Aspock DC connector. You can simply plug it in, making soldering unnecessary. That's easy, of course!

      Minimum required and working width Lights Trailer:

      • Two Rear lamps
      • Two brake lights
      • Two direction indicators
      • One rear fog lamp
      • Licence plate light

      Reflectors :
      • Two white reflectors at the front
      • Two triangular reflectors at the rear
      • Yellow side markings

      Requirements width of large-format Trailer Lights:
      • From 6 metres, you must illuminate the side markings
      • From 1.60 metres wide, there must be two white sidelights
      • From 2.10 metres width, two red (rear) and two white (front) marker lights must be present

      Want to know more about trailer width lights?

      Do you need to install trailer width lights soon, but you are not yet sure which trailer width lights you should buy for your trailer? Then feel free to contact customer service. We will be happy to help you with advice without any obligation.

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