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      Complete 7-pin lighting sets

      7-pin lighting sets for trailers - Use the filter to select the length of the Wiring harness. Then select the right Lights set. Show more




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      Lighting set 7-pole

      On this page, you will find our complete overview of 7-pole PLUG&PLAY lighting sets. We put together our 7-pole lighting sets ourselves, which allows us to supply high-quality lighting sets at low cost. Additional information on 7-pole Rear lamps Trailer sets can be found below.

      Until recently, cars were equipped with 7-pole sockets, nowadays this is no longer the case. At the time of writing, all cars are equipped with 13-pole sockets. The main difference between the two is that 7-pole Trailer Lights kits cannot feature reversing lights, as this requires an eighth wire/charger.

      What functions do 7-pole lighting sets have?

      When you use a trailer on public roads, it must meet legal requirements. Our Lights sets all include all mandatory functions.

      The following functions/lights are always compulsory on trailers

      • Rear lamps
      • brake lights
      • hazard lights
      • Number plate lights

      Which lighting set do I need?

      To determine which 7-pole lighting set is suitable for your Trailer, a number of details are important. You need to know which connection is on your car (7- or 13-pin), how much space you have available to mount the Rear lamps and, finally, the total length of the Trailer.

      Use the following steps to decide which set is right for you

      1: Check whether your car does indeed have a 7- or 13-pin connection.

      2: Determine how much space you have available for fitting the new lights

      3: The last step is to determine how long the 7-pole cable should be. You do this by measuring the total length of the boot and adding 1.5 metres (for the drawbar).

      Is the Wiring harness too long? No problem, simply hide it with a tie-rip or chassis clamp.

      7-pole Aspock lighting sets

      All our sets are PLUG&PLAY, which means you don't need to connect any loose wires yourself. You simply push the connectors of the Aspock Wiring harness into the Aspock Rear lamps and click them into place. The yellow connector belongs to the left lamp and the green connector to the right lamp.

      Please note, Aspock Wiring harnesses only fit Aspock lights and vice versa.

      7-pole Radex lighting sets

      Radex Radex 3,5 meter 7-polig 2 connectorenOur Radex lighting sets are also PLUG&PLAY, for this the same applies as for Aspock sets. Just push the Wiring harness connectors into the units and click them in place. The red connector belongs to the left lamp and the green connector to the right lamp.

      Please note, Radex Wiring harnesses only fit Radex lamps and vice versa.

      Wireless LED lights set Trailer 7-pin

      Our wireless lighting sets are widely used for trailers, agricultural vehicles and boat trailers. The lights in this wireless set feature strong Magnets and batteries with as much as 10 hours of service life.

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