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      Lighting boards for trailers and boat trailers

      Always the right Lighting boards for the Trailer. Available directly from stock. In various lengths and versions. Simple plug & play connection. Show more



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      Buy Lighting board trailer or boat trailer

      A Lighting board trailer is widely used on boat trailers and small trailers. It is ideal because you do not have to fit the wiring and unloading lights to the trailer. Our Lighting boards are almost always in stock, so we can quickly deliver Lighting boards in the Netherlands, Belgium and the rest of the Benelux. Here you will find our range of complete lighting boards for trailers. We offer Lighting boards made of Plastic and Aluminium. The height of all lighting boards is almost identical because the red warning reflectors have to fit on them. Lighting boards are often purchased from DIY stores and shops such as Karwei, Gamma, Praxis, Hornbach and Action. We offer both 7-pin and 13-pin Lighting boards. 7-pole Lighting boards have 7 wires (cores) and 13-pole Lighting boards usually have 8 wires. This 8th wire is used for reversing lights. If you want to be able to use a 13-pole Trailer Lightbar on a 7-pole connection or vice versa, we recommend using an Adapter. Because we import the lighting boards ourselves and buy them in bulk, we can supply premium lighting boards inexpensively.

      Legal functions of a Trailer Light Board:

      • Rear lamps
      • Brake lights
      • Direction indicators
      • Number plate lights

      *Please note that not every light bar has a fog light (Fog lights are only mandatory to carry when it is foggy).

      Trailer lighting board LED

      The big advantage of Trailer Light Boards with LED lights is that they are extremely durable. LED lights have considerably more burning hours than trailer lights with bulbs. Another advantage of LED lights is that they do not get as hot. In addition, LED lights are a lot more robust than ordinary lights. As a result, they do not break down due to vibrations. A Lighting board Trailer LED also features very bright light, making you highly visible to other road users. Even in poor weather conditions, you will be clearly visible with a Lighting board trailer led. More and more lights are made of LED nowadays. Of course, this has many practical advantages, but you have to take CANBUS malfunctions into account. These failures occur because LED lights have less resistance than traditional Festoon bulbs and can therefore interfere with the car's on-board computer. Should this be the case, you can always fit a control box or resistors to solve this interference.

      Connecting the Trailer Lighting board

      A Trailer Lighting board is ideal to install. Anyone can do it because no extra wires need to be connected. Our Lighting boards are PLUG&PLAY, which means you do not have to connect any loose wires yourself. Just plug the Lighting board into the car's socket and you're done! Do you have a 7-pole socket and a 13-pole socket on your car? You can easily solve that with an Adapter. These are listed as a related article. The best way to attach is to bolt the Lighting board to the rear. Put an extra washer between the Plastic and the bolt head to prevent damage. If you have a wooden Trailer, you can of course also bolt it directly onto this. If you use a lighting board on a trailer occasionally, you can also connect it with tierips.

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