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      Complete lighting bar with LED lights

      Want to buy a complete Trailer lighting bar? With our range of LED Lighting boards, you can get started right away. Show more



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      Buying an LED lighting bar Trailer

      Are you planning to buy an LED lighting bar caravan or an LED lighting bar Trailer soon? A lighting bar for trailer is very handy when you don't want the hassle of fitting separate lights and all the bells and whistles. In our range, you will find led lighting boards made of Plastic and aluminium. The height of the Trailer light bar is almost the same because the red warning reflectors need to fit. Lighting boards can often be found at large DIY stores and chain shops such as Gamma, Karwei, Praxis, Hornback and Action. We supply LED Lighting boards which we import ourselves and buy in bulk. As a result, we offer affordable and high-quality LED lighting bars. Do you have any questions about a lighting bar Trailer? Then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you find the right LED lighting bar.

      An LED Trailer lighting bar is ideal because you don't have to fit wiring and loose lights yourself.

      These are the legal functions for an LED lighting bar Trailer:

      • Licence plate lights
      • Brake lights
      • Direction indicators
      • Number plate lights
      • *Please note, not every LED lighting bar trailer includes a fog light (fog lights are only mandatory when it is foggy)

      Why choose an LED Trailer lighting bar?

      Would you like a lighting bar caravan or Trailer that lasts much longer and is also durable? If the answer is yes, then an LED lighting bar is an ideal choice. Lighting boards are equipped with very bright lights, which also make you a lot easier to see on the road, which is of course the safer option. Nowadays, more and more lighting is equipped with LED. This brings many advantages, of course, but you have to take into account possible CANBUS malfunctions. These failures sometimes occur because LED has less resistance than ordinary Festoon bulbs. This can cause the car's on-board computer to indicate a fault. Fortunately, there is a solution to remedy this by mounting loose resistors on the ground.

      Tip: In our range, you will find an LED lighting bar Trailer that is extendable. You can easily extend these.

      How do you mount an LED lighting bar Trailer?

      Great! You have received the LED lighting bar for trailer, but how exactly do you attach it? Rest assured, because installing it is a piece of cake. In fact, it's easy to do because you don't have to connect loose wires yourself. Just plug the LED lighting bar into the car's socket and you're done. Do you own a Trailer with a 7-pin connector and your car has a 13-pin one? Not to worry, as you can easily solve this with an Adapter. It is best to attach an LED trailer lighting bar with bolts to the rear of your trailer or caravan. Attach another washer between the aluminium or Plastic and the bolt head to prevent damage. Do you own a wooden Trailer? Then you can easily screw the LED lighting bar directly onto it. Are you not always going to use the LED Lighting board? Then you can easily fix it with tierips.

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