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      Trailer LED lights & Accessories

      Sleek design and energy-efficient LED lights for the trailer. Single rear lights or complete LED lighting sets can be found here. Show more




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      LED Rear lamps left - 244x149x48 mm
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      Aspock Multiled 4 - LED Lighting Set - 13 pole
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      LED Rear lamps right - 244x149x48 mm
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      Fog lamp LED - 95x25mm
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      LED Rear lamps round - 140x80 mm
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      Buy LED lights trailer and accessories

      Are you planning to equip your trailer or trailer with LED lights? Trailer LED lights are often very sleek design lights with nice bright light. Individual rear lights, front lights or complete lighting sets can be found here. In addition, you will also find beautiful modern dynamic LED lighting sets like those used on VW or Audi models. All Lights are available from stock. Do you have any questions about our range of Trailer LED lights? Or would you like free advice? Then feel free to contact us. We will gladly help you find a suitable LED lights set.

      The advantages of LED lights trailer:

      • much more light output despite LED using less energy
      • more burning hours than ordinary Lights
      • does not break down (quickly) due to vibrations
      • LED trailer lights do not oxidise
      • Very bright light, making you clearly visible even in heavy rain
      • LED trailer lights do not heat up quickly

      LED lights trailer 7-pole and 13-pole

      Trailer lights with bulbs are increasingly being replaced by universal LED lights. We put together complete LED lights sets complete. Our sets are very easy to assemble thanks to the included PLUG&PLAY cable. We offer complete LED lighting sets with 7-pole main harnesses and LED sets with 13-pole main harnesses. So you can easily connect our LED lights Trailer with a 7-pin or 13-pin plug. You can plug the Wiring harness into the connectors of the LED lights yourself and all functions are then directly supported. Don't feel like mounting LED lights trailer sets on your trailer? Then an LED lighting bar is an ideal solution. We have these in a 7-pole version. This way, you do not have to deal with loose wires and the like and you only need to mount the led lighting bar trailer on your trailer.

      Resolving LED lights trailer malfunctions

      A common problem is that the trailer's LED lights are flashing. This is due to a malfunction with the tow vehicle's canbus system. Read more about this in our blog on LED lights. With an LED converter, you are rid of all malfunctions anyway. It is a bit of an investment, but works on every modern car with the canbus system. Besides the control box, we also have LED lights Trailer with built-in resistors, which ensure that no malfunctions can occur at all. If you are technically proficient, you can also consider placing loose resistors yourself between the ground wire and the non-working function.

      What is the cause of LED lights Trailer malfunctions?

      The car's on-board computer (CANBUS) is actually set up to use ordinary Festoon bulbs. All functions together then consume more than more power than LED components. This makes the on-board computer think there is a fault and report it. This automatic resistance measurement then causes some functions not to work properly. As we indicated earlier, you can remedy this by installing separate resistors, control box or buying LED lights Trailer with built-in resistors.

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