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      Buy Rear fog light trailer

      Are your trailer fog lights broken and in need of replacement? Or do you not have integrated rear fog lights? Fog lights and Reversing lights are crucial to keep your fellow road users well informed of your presence on the road and your intentions. Trailer Direct has a nice range of different trailer fog lights and reversing lights. Are you looking for durable LED trailer fog lights? Even then you've come to the right place at trailerdirect. Do you have questions about a particular trailer fog light and would like more information and advice? Then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you choose the right fog light for your trailer.

      Just like cars, trailers must have rear fog lights.

      Are fog lights mandatory for trailers?

      As with cars, trailers must also be fitted with rear fog lights. However, this is not always obvious with existing trailers. Fog lights are compulsory for trailers under 750 kg regardless of the year of construction with the exception if the towing car does not have a rear fog light. Trailers heavier than 750 kg are required to have one or more rear fog lights but not if the trailer was built before 31 December 1997. There is an obligation for reversing lights if the trailer was put into service after 31 December 2012.

      Exceptions to trailer fog lights rules

      • If the towing vehicle is not required to be equipped with fog lights, it is also not mandatory for the Trailer. This is common with oldtimers.
      • A bicycle rack equipped with its own lights is not considered a trailer. Trailer fog lights are therefore not compulsory according to Dutch law. Keep in mind that this does apply in other European countries.

      The regulations between lighter and heavier rear fog lights for trailers seem strange, but there is a simple reason. A Trailer with a maximum authorised mass of less than 750 kg does not have its own registration number, which makes it impossible to determine its age and therefore to determine whether it must comply with the equipment requirements before or after 1 January 1998. Trailer fog lamps became compulsory on 1 January 2005.

      Buy LED reversing lights and trailer fog lights

      Many people increasingly choose LED lights for the trailer because they are more energy-efficient and therefore last a lot longer. In addition, LED fog lights make sure you can be seen even better on the road because LED gives much brighter light. They are durable for the fact that they also do not break down easily due to vibrations. It can sometimes happen that LED lights can malfunction. This is because LED lights take less power. As a result, your trailer fog light, for example, may flash. If this is the case, it is called CANBUS interference. You can easily solve this by mounting loose resistors on the earth wire. Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell in advance whether malfunctions will occur because this can vary per car and even per type of rear fog light trailer.

      How do you connect a rear fog light trailer?

      If your existing rear light bulb does not contain an approved trailer fog light, you can fit a separate unit to it. The best place to place a rear fog light trailer is to the left of the trailer's centreline, this way you avoid confusion with the brake lights. The fog lights should also be fitted with the trailer's electrical wiring. You need to connect the feeding wire (+) to pole 2 of the lighting plug. If you do this with a 7-pin plug, this could lead to a conflict. This is because pole 2 may already be occupied by another (optional) power connection to the Trailer. If the Trailer is connected, the trailer fog lights will come on continuously. Using a 13-pin plug prevents this problem. You must be able to operate a Trailer Fog Light from the driver's seat. Loose lights with their own switch on the lamp itself is prohibited.

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