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      Trailer Pin harnesses with 13 or 7-pin plug.

      A complete Pin harness with plug&play connection for the Rear lamps. Supplied with plug, wire and connectors. Show more




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      Buy Trailer wiring harness 13-pole or 7-pole

      When you buy new Rear lamps, most of the time no pin harness is supplied with the Trailer. Above you will find the Trailer wiring harness for your Rear lamps. We have Pin harnesses available from 4 metres and the largest Trailer cable harness is no less than 9 metres. Haven't you bought any new Rear lamps yet? Then we have made special lighting sets especially for you. Still, the length of the Pin harnesses can be very specific. That's why you can choose which pin harness is right for you here. So that you don't end up with a trailer wiring harness that is too short.

      Which trailer wiring harness do I need?

      A complete trailer wiring harness with plug&play connection for the Rear lamps. Choose an Aspöck trailer wiring harness for the Aspöck rear lamps and a Radex pin harness for Radex rear lamps. You cannot interchange these. Always the right complete pin harness trailer for immediate use. Easy to fix with chassis clips or tierips. To determine the correct length of a Wiring harness for your Trailer, we have developed the following method. This takes into account the length and width of the Trailer. If, after reading this text, you are still in doubt, we always recommend ordering a longer cable. You can easily hide the remaining length under the Trailer using tie rips or chassis clips, for example.

      hoe bepaal je de lengte van de hoofdkabel?

      We recommend determining the length of the Trailer Pin harnesses as follows:

      Length of body (A) + length of drawbar (B) + 0.5 metres = cable length

      Trailer 7-pole and 13-pole pin harnesses with plug&play connector connection

      Aspock lighting cable is supplied with Aspock connectors in most cases. The yellow belongs to the left lamp & and the green to the right. Radex Lights come with Radex connectors in most cases. The image below shows what these look like. The red connector belongs to the left lamp & the green to the right. The easiest way to connect Marker lights to branch lights is with so-called DC connectors, you can find these here. Also handy if your branch connectors are too short. These chassis clipsare also handy for securing the Trailer Pin harnesses. For example, you can easily connect Aspock light units with the connectors. Nowadays, all modern cars have a 13-pin connector. Until 10 years ago, all cars were still made with a 7-pin connection. So whether you need a 7-pole trailer harness or 13-pole trailer harness depends on your car and trailer lights. Still unclear after reading the above text? We at Aanhangwagendirect find it very important that every customer gets the right product. To this end, we are happy to provide tailor-made advice. So do you have a question for us about the Pin harnesses, for example? Then feel free to contact us! Then together we will find the right Trailer Pin harness! Of course, we are also happy to answer other questions not related to trailer pin harnesses.

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