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      Spiral cables, extension cables and adapter cables

      Wide range of 7-pin and 13-pin spiral cables, extension cables and adapter cables . Ideal for trailers, trailers and caravans. Show more




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      Buy an inexpensive high-quality 7-pole spiral cable or 13-pole spiral cable

      A spiral cable is ideal for a trailer, trailer or caravan. The spiral shape saves you a lot of frustration during winding up or uncoiling. In addition, the curl ensures that it is stretchable and flexible, making the length variable. Another nice advantage of a spiral cable 7-pole or spiral cable 13-pole is that when stretching the cable, you feel the resistance increase, so you don't suddenly reach the full length out of nowhere and overload the connectors and cable. We offer a wide range of different spiral cables/extension cables. Take for example our premium reducer spiral cable 7 core with 2x 7-pin plug to connect sockets. Are you looking for a spiral cable you can use to charge a fridge or tipper? Then a premium reducer spiral cable 13 core with 2x 13-pin plug is highly recommended. This hefty spiral cable is actually 13 core and supports all standard functions. It is an ideal spiral cable for extending or when your Trailer/Caravan is equipped with a socket instead of a separate plug. Spiral cables are almost the same as ordinary extension cables. Spiral cables are only constructed differently. In this case, the cables are corrugated. You can immediately recognise a spiral cable by its shape. Furthermore, these cables consist of current-carrying copper wires. These conductors are insulated and thus nicely protected.

      The spiral shape saves you a lot of frustration during winding up or unravelling.

      Trailer extension cable

      Short of cable to connect a trailer, boat trailer, caravan or trailer? With a trailer extension cable you can make short work of this problem. Our extension cables have a plug (male/M) at one end and a mating plug (F/female) at the other. Extension cables are used in many cases to make a flexible connection between the socket of a car and the plug of a Trailer, Trailer, caravan or trailer. We offer extension cable with spiral wire/curly wire and straight wire. We also offer extension cables that go from 13-pin to 7-pin.

      Trailer extension cable and adapter cable

      Since 2010, it has been compulsory for trailers to be fitted with reversing lights. Consequently, most trailers with their own licence plate from 2010 onwards also have a 13-pole plug. This is often a so-called Jaeger plug (bayonet). Strangely enough, new towbars are sometimes still manufactured with the old 7-pole connector. Therefore, there is an adapter cable/transfer plug to connect a Trailer with a 13-pole plug to a car with a 7-pole socket. We offer extension cables with spiral wire/curly wire and straight wire. Adapter cables have a plug (male/M) at both ends. Adapter cables are widely used to connect cars and trailers with a socket. Besides spiral cable and adapter cable, we also offer an adapter cable. An adapter cable is handy to use as an adapter for your car. This adapter cable has a 13-pole (M/F) connection at one end and a 7-pole (M/F) connection at the other. Not sure which coil cable, extension cable, adapter cable or adapter cable to choose? Then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with advice without any obligation.

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