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      CEE camping plugs and accessories

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      CEE to Schuko socket - 15 cm

      CEE to Schuko socket - 15 cm

      3-pole CE Plugs - black mating plug with cover
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      Adapter camping/boat blue contra plug.
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      Extension cable 20 Mtr CEE
      In stock
      Converter cable 40 cm from schuko to CEE
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      CEE 3-way splitter
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      Electricity supplies are impossible to imagine camping without these days. In the past, almost everyone kept beers cold in buckets filled with cold water, but now almost every camper/holidaymaker has an electric cooler or fridge. Of course, you also need power for your mobile phone, coffee maker and Lights. But exactly which and what kind of camping plug do you need? The type of camping plug you need depends on the connections available at the campsite. The distance from the power pole to the camping equipment also plays an important role.

      What kind of camping plug do you need?

      It is highly recommended to find out in advance what kind of camping plug system the campsite in question uses and how many amps it offers. You can often find this information on the campsite website or in camping guides from the ANWB or ACSI, for example. Campsites in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany and northern France often have a Cee plug camping box. These can often be recognised by their blue colour and three holes (female). To supply yourself with power at the campsite, you therefore need a blue camping plug (male with three pins). Does a campsite have a rim-earth or pin-earth socket? Then you can use a South European adapter cable for this. Southern European campsites often have a pin-earth socket (two holes and one pin). To connect a cee extension lead or multiple socket, you need a Southern European adapter cable. Are you planning to spend your holidays in the UK, for example? Then a cee blue plug campsite is sufficient, but there are exceptions with an EK socket (contain rectangular holes ). It is therefore not a crazy idea to bring an English adapter cable from UK to a cee socket. Is the trip going to Switzerland? Then you will need a Swiss adapter or adaptor.

      Why buy a cee plug campsite and not a 'normal' extension cable?

      It is always handy to be in possession of a cee extension cord, rather than an 'ordinary' extension cord with a grounded camping plug. An extension cord you use at home is made of a type of PVC and may not be used on campsites because of safety regulations. Do you still want to connect an extension cable from home to the power pole with a cee connection? Then you should use an extension lead. A normal rim-earthing or pin-earthing camping plug does not fit in a CEE connection.

      Tip: You can also choose a CEE angled camping plug extension cable instead of a normal CEE extension cable. This has a CEE input and also a rim-earth input. This way, you can also use a rim-earthing or pin-earthing camping plug. This is especially handy if, in addition to connecting the caravan or motor home, you also want a reel in the awning.

      Would you like to know more about a camping plug?

      Do you have questions about a camping plug or cee extension cord? Or are you not sure exactly which camper plug to choose? Then feel free to contact our customer service team. We will be happy to help you choose the right camping plug by giving you advice without obligation.

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