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      Adaptors Trailer & caravan

      Trailer adapter and caravan adapter ✅ From A-brands like Aspock & Radex ✅ 1 year warranty & 30 days return ✅ Available directly from stock Show more



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      Adapter for trailer and caravan

      The plug connection for the trailer and car is often not the same. Until 10 years ago, all cars were equipped with a 7-pin plug. Nowadays, modern cars have a 13-pin plug The difference between a 13-pin and a 7-pin plug is that a 13-pin plug has reversing lights as a function. So it often happens that a car has a 13-pin connection and a Trailer, for example, has a 7-pin connection. But no problem!

      Always the right adapter for the trailer

      An Adapter offers a solution. What exactly are the trailer adapters? 7-pin to 13-pin: This trailer adapter ensures that a 13-pin plug can be connected to a 7-pin car socket. Keep in mind that you can then still only use the 7-pin functions. 13-pin to 7-pin: This Adapter allows you to connect a 7-pin plug to a 13-pin car connection. Please note that only the 7-pin functions will work. Jaeger to Multicon: This caravan adapter ensures a transition from Jaeger to Multicon. Any reversing lights will continue to work with this Adapter. A Multicon trailer adapter is widely used in caravan equipment. Besides selling the ordinary adapter for trailers and caravans, we also have extra long adapters. Such an extra-long Trailer Adapter is super handy with new cars, as the socket is normally located further to the back than before.

      LED control boxes(converters) and connectors

      Do you have LED lights on your Trailer and are they interfering? Then an LED control box is the solution. The CANBUS, the car's on-board computer, often indicates interference. Because LED lights offer considerably less resistance than normal lights, the LED lights can interfere (fast blinking, for example). To remedy this interference, you can connect a control box between the towing vehicle and the Lights. These plug-and-play boxes immediately remedy the interference. So there is no need to connect loose wires or resistors. We also have different types of connectors available. With the Aspock connectors, you can make any existing round lighting cable suitable for the multipoint Lights. Plugs are often supplied in separate parts. So you have to assemble these yourself. Instructions are included in the packaging. We also have loose connectors that make the main cable suitable for Aspock Lights with a connector connection. With these loose connectors, yellow is left and green is right. We have the following LED control boxes available:

      Want to know more about Trailer or caravanadapter ?

      What are the advantages of ordering your Trailer Adapter from us? If you order before 18:00 on a working day, you will receive your Adapter Adapter Trailer tomorrow! Our best-selling adapter is the adapter - car 7-pin > trailer 13-pin. If you order several of these adapters, you will receive a volume discount. Can you not figure it out? Or do you still have questions after reading this article? We are always ready with personalised advice! Contact our customer service team and we will help you find the right adapter for your trailer.

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