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      13-pin Trailer plug - 8 pins
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      Aspock adapter DC connector
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      Socket - 13-pole - PVC
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      13-pole trailer plug - Jaeger
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      Socket - 3-pole - Battery connection
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      Aspock trailer plug - 7-pin
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      Buy Complete trailer wiring harnesses and accessories

      Are you looking for a complete Trailer wiring harness and all its accessories such as cables, spiral cables, plugs and sockets? We have a large stock of Wiring harnesses, spiral cables, extension cables, plugs, sockets, single cables, Junction boxes and adapters. In our product range, you will find, among other things, complete pin harnesses for trailers which you can plug and play in an instant. We have Aspock Wiring harnesses with 7-pin and 13-pin plug connections. You can also buy a single cable? Trailer without connectors. You can still use a Junction box with Mounting materials to connect the Trailer Lights properly. Do you have questions about a specific Pin harness or about a 13-pole plug or socket? Then feel free to contact our customer service team. We are happy to help you find, for example, a trailer pin harness and matching accessories.

      Our range of trailer wiring harnesses and trailer plugs includes:

      • Aspock trailer pin harnesses
      • Radex trailer pin harnesses
      • (Spiral) extension cables
      • (Spiral) adapter cables
      • Single cables?
      • Adaptors and connectors
      • Plugs and sockets
      • Junction boxes
      • Mounting materials
      • Plugs testers
      • CEE plugs and accessories (camping plugs and cables)

      Buy 7 and 13-pole trailer plugs

      The arrival of rear fog lights, reversing lights and heavy power consumers in caravans created the need for a multi-pole plug and the 13-pole plug was introduced as the successor to the well-known 7-pole plug. All new cars are therefore also equipped with the 13-pole Jaeger plug. When you go on holiday with your caravan, you must have a 13-pole plug or 13-pole socket. This is because, for example, a fridge in your caravan needs continuous power to function.

      A 13-pole trailer plug provides reversing lights and continuous current

      Connecting 13-pole plug video:

      7-pole plug connecting video:

      Trailer spiral cable

      A spiral cable is very handy for a caravan, Trailer or other trailers. The curly shape makes a spiral cable very flexible and stretchable. We have various spiral cables such as a premium spiral cable of 2 x 7P (Male), extension cable of 7P (M) and 7P female (F). But also, for example, trailer extension cables of 2 x P (M) and an extension cable of 13P and 13P (F). You will also find a handy adapter extension cable 7-core with a 13P plug (male) and a 7P plug (male), made of sturdy polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

      Buy CEE plug

      Besides handy Trailer Pin harnesses and Accessories, you can also buy CEE plugs from us. Nowadays, everyone uses electrical devices such as a fridge or coffee machine at the campsite. To power these devices, you need a cee plug. You can often recognise a cee plug by its striking blue colour. We have a nice selection of different cee camping plugs such as adapter plugs, adapter plugs cee to French socket, cee to Schuko, cee extension cables, cee 2-way splitters, cee 3-way splitters, cee wall input socket, cee wall socket (M) and a cee wall socket (F). It is always handy to be in possession of a cee extension cable at the campsite because you are not allowed to use an 'ordinary' extension cable. Would you rather use an ordinary extension cable to connect to a power pole with a cee connection? Then you can use an extension cable.

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