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      Aspock Lights, Accessories and Parts

      Aspock Lights for trailers. We have a large range of Rear lamps, marker lamps, kenteke lights, single cables and many more trailer parts. Show more




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      Aspock Multipoint 1 right - 5-pole connector
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      Aspock Multipoint 2 right - 5-pole connector
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      Aspock Multipoint 3 right - 5-pole connector
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      Aspock Multipoint 5 right - 5-pole connector
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      Buying Aspock Lights and Aspock accessories

      Are you planning to replace your current Aspock Lights soon? Or would you just like to switch to Aspock Lights? Aspöck Multipoint Rear lamps are the most common type of rear lamps for trailers, caravans and other trailers. Equipping your trailer with good Lights is highly recommended in terms of road safety. This is where Aspock Lights play an important role. It is therefore no wonder that well-known trailer manufacturers such as Eduard fit their trailers with Aspock Lights as standard. We have a wide range of Aspock Lights and Aspock Accessories. From individual Multipoint Aspock lights to complete Aspock lighting sets, for example. You will also find energy-efficient Aspock LED lights here. Ideal if you also want to be more visible on the road because they provide bright light. Only have a broken glass? We sell various replacement glasses. Replacement glasses are much cheaper than replacing an entire unit.

      Aspöck Multipoint Rear lamps are the most common rear lamps for trailers.

      Aspock lighting sets and cables

      A set of Aspock Lights is ideal if you plan to switch to Aspock. This way, you can immediately fit your trailer with new Lights without any effort. Our Aspock lighting sets are easy to connect with plug & play connectors. In addition, we also sell Wiring harnesses from Aspock with branches. So you can connect even more Aspock lights, or existing Rear lamps on your Trailer. We have various Aspock lighting sets available. Take for example sets of 5-metre 7-pin, 7-metre 7-pin, Midipoint 5-metre 13-pin and many more! Are you looking for an Aspock Wiring harness with branches and that includes pre-mounted Marker lights? Then an Aspock main cable of 6.4 metres long (13-pole) is a great solution. In addition, you can easily extend this Wiring harness with DC connectors and Aspock flat cable.

      LED Aspock lights

      We see that LED Aspock lights are becoming increasingly popular. This is no wonder because LED lights have many more burning hours than ordinary lights. Another big advantage of LED Aspock lighting is that it is a solid and robust product, which means that the lighting does not break down easily. In addition, LED lights do not heat up as quickly. You can also drive along the road a bit more confidently because LED lights give off bright light. This allows your fellow road users to see you clearly. We sell both individual LED lighting lamps and complete plug & play LED lighting sets.

      Aspock accessories

      In addition to all those Aspock Lights and Wiring harnesses, we also sell all the Accessories you need, of course. For example, did you just buy a new Aspock lighting set, but it doesn't fit your plug? Then you might want to consider a 7-pin Aspock plug premium. This plug can be unfolded for easy fitting and contains a double grommet. This allows you to guide the plug to the left and right directly from the plug to the rear. Do you own an ordinary Wiring harness and want to make it suitable for Aspock? Then you can easily do so by using special Aspock connectors. These connectors are suitable for easily making a Wiring harness suitable for Aspock Lights that contains a connector connection.

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