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      Trailer Lights

      All Trailer Lights from premium brands available directly from stock. Whether you are looking for a complete Lights set complete or a separate Rear lamps, on this page you will find the complete overview of trailer lights. Show more




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      Radex 5001 - 5 metres - 13-pole
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      Aspock Midipoint 2 - 6 metres - 13 pole
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      13-pin Trailer plug - 8 pins
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      Radex 6800 left 160x220x60 mm
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      Radex 5001 - 5 metres - 7-pole
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      LED Rear lamps left - 244x149x48 mm
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      Aspock Multiled 4 - LED Lighting Set - 13 pole
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      All Trailer Lights available directly from stock

      Whether only a Rear lamp has broken or you want to replace the complete lighting set with a plug&play set? We always have the best solution at a competitive price. A wide range of Lights which we ship daily throughout the Benelux. At competitive prices, of course, and we offer a free exchange service if you prefer other Lights.

      Which Trailer Lights should I buy?

      We sell all kinds of Lights for your trailer. You obviously want this to be in good order. Not only for yourself but also for the visibility and safety of other road users. It is therefore important that all trailer lights work properly. Everyone knows the problem: when reversing, you just hit a bollard and the rear lamp of the trailer is broken. We are happy to solve this for you! In most cases, you choose the same type of Trailer Lights that have already been fitted. Especially if you are only replacing a loose light. Would you like to fit LED lights? Then study the possibilities and range of all lamps carefully. Also take into account the dimensions of the lights and the space available at the rear of the Trailer.

      Trailer lighting product groups

      In the shop, we offer branded lighting from the leading brands in Europe; Aspöck as well as Radex, Hella and lamps that we have produced under our own supervision. Among our best-selling items are the complete trailer lighting sets we put together ourselves. These sets excel in simplicity due to the plug&play principle or handy budget DIY sets.

      How often does it happen that when reversing, you just hit the Rear lamps? Then it is easy to replace it yourself. Often, a complete Lights unit is almost as expensive as just the glass. This way, you replace the whole unit just as easily and the lamp is ready for years of use again! Our Aspock Multipoint Lights are used by all renowned trailer manufacturers such as, for example, Saris, Hapert, Anssems and Eduard.

      Lights set complete for the trailer

      Want to connect new Trailer Lights without any hassle? Then use our complete Lights sets complete with the convenient plug&play connection option. Naturally equipped with a 7-pole connection or 13-pole plug connection. This allows you to easily replace the Lights yourself without having to connect Plugs. For boat trailers, we have a handy lighting set with a magnet. Naturally, we also offer LED lights. This has become very popular in recent years and is also available as dynamic Rear lamps. A complete set always consists of 2 Rear lamps and a Wiring harness. Optionally, a set can be expanded with wide-beam lights which are already attached to the Wiring harness. This is exactly the set that manufacturers also use in the assembly of trailers.

      Handy lighting bar for the boat trailer

      Easily fit a complete lighting board without installing loose wires or lights? Then a lighting bar is ideal. Easily attached to the Trailer with two bolts or tie-rips and connected to the towing vehicle with the Wiring harness.

      Lighting boards are ideal for boat trailers and small trailers on which you want to quickly mount properly functioning trailer lights. The lights are already mounted on a Plastic or aluminium beam and are equipped with a plug with a main cable for easy plugging in. No technical knowledge is required! All our Lighting boards are available directly from stock.

      LED lights for the trailer

      Increasingly popular due to design and ease of use. A wide range of LED lights is available directly from stock. No more hassle changing Loose lights and a sleek design. Often with loose wires but also with a handy Plug&Play solution. LED lights are also available in round versions. LED lights for trailers are the latest trend, which more and more manufacturers are using in the final fittings of new trailers. Dynamic Rear lamps, familiar from the latest types of cars, are now also available for trailers. This gives a unique personalised look.

      Trailer Rear lamps

      Accidentally hit a bollard? It happens to everyone once in a while. Then simply replace the Rear lamps with an identical model and fit a Protective rack at the same time. Rear lamps from premium brands such as Aspöck and Radex are used by all leading trailer manufacturers in the fitting process. These Rear lamps have all the required functions in 1 lamp. Often also including the triangular reflector. This makes installation but replacement easy. Due to large-scale purchasing, replacing a complete unit is almost as economical as buying a separate glass.

      All bulbs are available directly from stock. Ordered today and delivered the next day. How convenient!

      Trailer sidelights

      Besides the Reflectors that are always required on trailers, in some cases wide-angle lights are also mandatory. If the trailer is wider than 2.10 m, it must be equipped with front and rear position lights. Often it is not mandatory but the Trailer owner would like to have marker lights for extra visibility and useful aids for navigation. We carry width lights from different manufacturers and also in LED.

      How do I connect new trailer lights?

      aanhanger verlichting aansluiten en controlerenEasily fit a plug or socket yourself? Use our connection guide/diagrams which we send along with the connection material. We have these for both the 7-pole plug and the 13-pole plug. Not sure what you need or how to connect it? Then feel free to contact us.

      Trailer lights not working?

      There are several possible causes why Trailer Lights are not working. Common causes why lights on the caravan/trailer do not work are:

      • Due to the action of moisture and dirt, the ends of wiring and terminals can corrode and make poor or no contact. Then the contact points should be thoroughly cleaned by lightly sanding or using contact spray.
      • It could also be that the Lights bulb itself is broken. Get into the habit of regularly checking the connection with a voltage detector. Usually, the conclusion is that the plug is broken and not the bulb.
      • Broken plug. If the plug needs to be replaced, it is important to follow the connection guide/diagram for the 7 or 13-pole plug to avoid possible malfunctions.
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